Friday, October 5, 2012

In Recovery

See I'm supposed to recover for 6 weeks. What does that mean???
Sit at home and take  naps with my baby?
Never leave the house?
Not make meals?
Does it mean wear pjs all day?
Play with baby?
Lay in bed?
Stay in bed and watch shows and movies?

Well if that is what I am supposed to do then I'm doing it folks.

Brad's mom, and two sisters Linds and Chelsea came for a few days. 
We shopped ate out, and went to the fair.
They bought tickets to ride the rides. I told them, I'm good I just had a baby a few days ago, I'll just stay right here with the baby.
But Brad insisted I go.

It was a beautiful fair.
Full of treasures for people.
Ranging from all leather to feathers and belly shirts and carnie friends.

Brad kept calling everyone a carnie.
Well they were smoking while handing the kids the prizes and helping them on the rides....
I thought that was crazy.
All that fried food, foot long corn dogs on a stick.
We got a funnel cake.
Miles just soaked up the carnie experience. He slept the entire time in his stroller. He is so little compared to our giant off-roading stroller. 

I took two pictures then my camera died.
Super prepared ya know.
I say to people when something is going wrong....
like when I spend 10 minutes trying to put my stroller down to go in my trunk,
or when I run back into my house for the bink, blanket, socks, diapers, wipes, camera, phone, wallet, D-bag (diaper bag, come on you guys I don't have a d-bag in my house), or whatever other random thing I forgot (probably forgot to put on makeup) I say, "Okay, we still are new at this whole parents thing."

Sometimes its cute how all over the place Brad and I get.
He is so helpful and nice and loves Miles to pieces.
He always said before we got married and after we were married and clear up until delivery....
"I do NOT want to change diapers."
"Weird and gross."

Now I hear, "I'll change him!"
He just didn't know how much he was going to love him.
Like I said, camera dead....I love my camera phone though. Saves my life.
Chels, Linds and Brad waiting in line for a ride.

Brad and I about to experience the ride.
It was one of those spinner things. Brad and I sat next to each other.
It was fun the first 3 minutes.
Then my eyes started to shut and my head started to droop, and I just started thinking about us flying off and dying. Then my head kept drooping and I heard Brad stop laughing and start saying,"Brit stay with me, Brit talk to me."
"Brit hold on, Brit look at me."
I kept trying to pull my head back up but it felt like a hammer was on my head pushing into my neck and I felt dark kept coming but I kept opening my eyes.
He was squeezing my arm so hard it hurt. But I couldn't tell him, I couldn't even open my eyes and it wasn't fun anymore, next thing I know I'm crying. And he is saying, "You're okay, you're okay."

Then as we walked off he wouldn't let go of my arm, which was a good thing.
We decided that may have been too intense for me after childbirth. 
I was still in weak body mode. Not strong Brittany mode.
 So I sat out the next ride.
So I wouldn't black out.

We visited a famous place in Lubbock.
Read the sign.
Prairie dog town.
You may be thinking .... what in the world...????

Its a real place.
They were worried about the prairie dogs getting pushed out of Lubbock when they settled here. 
So they build an enclosure and captured some of them.

And from what I can tell...
There were more dogs in other places in Lubbock then this area.
But we are glad we visited.
Miles thought the dogs were cute.

Miles loves being held, but I try not to completely spoil him. But sometimes I will be just looking at him after he eats and I'll rest him on my legs and in two seconds he will be OUT.
Currently I have my computer to the side, he is in this exact position on my legs and he is fighting sleep as we listen to band of horses.
You see, he loves band of horses, hes even been to a concert.
Yes he was a fetus, but he loved it.
Yep, asleep on my legs, now.

Chels loved him. Held him all the time, and begged me to let her hold him when he was sleeping.
I called her the baby whisperer. She took good care of him. And he already misses her.

She would do everything for me, get him dressed, get him in the car, change him, entertain him.
She and him are two peas in a pod.

Rachelle and her had to fight for him.

But he got plenty of Grandma spoiling.

Now its just me and him all day until dad comes home.
I'm not sure why I couldn't hold my eyes open.

We hang out all day, and sometimes I kiss him too many times and he tries to get away.

But luckily I'm bigger so I just keep kissing.

Today he is 20 days old. I don't know why I like 20, I could have waited until tomorrow when he would be 3 weeks old...but I didn't.
We photoshot today.
I can't get enough of him when I get my camera out.

It's like I am in love with him or something.

First of all, I'm still in shock at the fact that he is mine.

And that he is healthy.

We had his two week check up on Monday and he weighed 8-12 and grew 1/2 inch. 21 inches.

I think he has changed so much. Growing up too fast.

The doctor said he was healthy baby, and I could let him sleep through his naps/night and not wake him up to feed him.

Funny thing is...I was doing that. I never wake him up to feed him.

He can sleep 6 hours straight sometimes.

I'm sorry but I am not waking him up to feed him...I've tried that and he just sleeps with my nipple in his mouth, and its a useless effort. So I gave up Doc, long ago. But I pretended I had been waking him up to feed him, and I said, "Oh great okay."

Sometimes I look down at my stinkin belly and I see the hang over and I think, man, I didn't appreciate my flat tummy enough. 

Then I look at him, and I am the most confident person in the world, because you know what...I just had a baby, and this baby is the greatest thing and if I am 15 or even 20 pounds overweight who gives a turd. I love him and he was worth every pound and hang over and stretch mark in the world.

And he is worth waking up so much in the night sometimes to feed him. 

Last night he slept from 11 to 5:30 AM. Then back to sleep at 6:30-9:30 AM

That's better than I used to sleep 9 months prego.

Some nights are real bad though....Like every 2 hours, and he thinks he needs to stay awake.

He has this little problem pooping. He pushes so hard and gets so mad, and his belly is so tight.

The doc said he is still learning to use his pooper muscles.

When he finally relaxes, its like a train wreck.....explosion. 
He just has yellow liquid poo so its not like he is constipated.
Wow, I'm talking about my child's that what my life is now?
Baby poo?
Well regardless, you can see his little dimple here. Kinda....He has two dimples, one just like his daddy (even though Brad has two big ones) and one little one by his mouth on the other side.

He's gonna find a girl that loves dimple. Just like I love Brads.

I am kinda sad that my family and Brad's family is missing him growing up.

But they will just appreciate him more when he is around.

This baby is ours, and we love him.
If you haven't experienced a baby yet.....
its time.
That's my new slogan.
Like the church's ad.....isn't it about time......
Something like that.
I just want everyone to be as happy as we are.
But I guess you decide that for yourself.
Now Brad came home early, so I'm outta here and outta my bed and going to pretend to do something besides take pictures of my baby and hold him all day.


Natalie said...

He is SOOOO adorable. And you take great pictures, photoshooting him. Great job, Brit.
I'm glad you're just loving him to death. He looks so loveable. :)

Erica+Matson said...

LOOOOOVE him! I will be a baby whisperer in December!!