Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Miles 7 Months Old

Wow, I just did this. I just did this for 6 months. My little baby is growing up. And standing up! That was our big accomplishment this month. When he did it for the first time....on the toilet. I was in shock! A whole new ball game for the Clark house. Now he can reach so much more. And he has started this new thing where he screams when we put him to bed. He just wants to play. We go in to bink him and he is just smiling ready to get out. Like I started nursing him at 8:00 and USUALLY he goes to sleep while nursing, but he is so busy body and won't even nurse anymore. He just pulls my hair, pushes off me, smiles and tries to grab everything around us. Curious Miles. So I just lay him down and he screams my ears off for a long time, then I go nurse him again. And he usually goes to sleep. Tonight it took him 45 minutes to realize we weren't going to play with him. He is happy when we are holding him, then we lay him down and he SCREAMS at the top of his lungs. Then we pick him up and he is perfectly happy. So we have determined they are mad screams. So its 9:00 PM and he is asleep. Finally. Sometimes he wears me out. He is ALL over the place, all day. Getting into everything. Go go go. Grab grab grab. He is just so busy. 
I posted this on instagram and facebook. 
Just want it to be here as well.
Mr. Miles is 7 months old today!!! He crawls everywhere and fast!!! He loves grabbing everything especially things he can't have like daddy's guitars and plastic bags. He is full of personality and is a little tease. He can throw tantrums and then be happy again in a split second. He loves swimming at the pool, he giggles at soccer, he thinks yawning and coughing is hilarious, and a few days ago he started pulling himself up to standing. He plays hard and gives the best open mouth kisses. He got his first tooth a few days ago! If he sees it he wants it...in his mouth!! He never sits still and is always on the move! His nicknames this month are: cheeky, Mr. Miles, pumpkin, pumpkin pie, baby bear, lovesickins, chunky monkey. Happy 7 months love. #milesclark #7monthsold

I always do a little photo shoot, and a little video on his month birthday. I haven't posted the videos, but this one is great because he just doesn't sit still.
My past videos up to six months are just him laying there. This seven month video shows how busy he is, I love his little sound effects in the video too.

My little cheeky. Oh he is so full of joy. If he is crawling away I say, "MR. MILES" and he just turns and smiles at me, then keeps on going in his direction of choice.

He wants everything he can't have. This little seven confused him. Everytime he would touch it I would just take it away. Then put it back and try to snap a few.

I started singing, or saying, "I'm gonna get you." He loves to play.

For him to sit still is so rare. For him to sit in my lap without twisting and turning is so rare. So when he does. We savor it. I love cuddling with him at night in my bed. Lately he has been sleeping in his pack and play in my room. Brad tells me I need to put him back in his crib, but I love having him right there when I get up to nurse him. I fall back to sleep faster, and I love sleeping with him a few hours each night. He's not going to be this cute and cuddly forever guys. One afternoon Brad and I put him to sleep then we went to sleep in our beds. After an hour Miles woke up. I didn't think he would go back to sleep but I got him out of his crib and put him next to me in bed. We all slept for another hour. I had my face right up to his little head and when we woke up I had drooled all over his head and down his ear. Drool is the worst fluid I've given him all over his body. He has given me (in order of grossness): drool, boogers, blood, pee, throw up and poop. So a little drool is a small trade off.
When he had this coughing he would cough all night. Like 20x an hour. You just fall asleep and he starts coughing again. Torture for all of us. Poor little guy. Then a few times he puked on me. In the same night. I changed my clothes 2ce and his 2ce, then I didn't the third time. Too tired.
Brad was so mad, he slammed his hands down on the bed and said, "UHG I CAN'T SLEEP! I'm going on the couch." (I had been thrown up on 3xs, changed 2xs, and been nursing Miles on and off all night, and spraying saline in his nose, several times. Putting him in the pack and play and getting him out again to console him, and try to calm him while he had his coughing attacks. All the while Brad just laying there, sleeping.)
I was mad too (due to the lack of support) and said, "Why are you so mad? It's not his fault. You are so selfish."
As he left he replied harshly with, "I know."
He came back shortly after, and was still mad.
I was so mad at him that morning.
He came home and said. "Sorry I was so mean in the night."
I said, "Ya you were a real meany, and you offer NO support in the night PS."
Brad is next to perfect....but sometimes at night he is a stink.
But other nights he is so helpful....that night he was just a bum bum.
We laughed hard about it the next day when we were both awake. I never call him names, especially not, "You are so selfish!" And he apologized for his lack of support. I'm a red eyed wreck as Miles is coughing all night and throwing up on me, all the while Brad getting mad because he can't sleep because we are too loud.
So sorry Mr. King, want me to powder your nose and feed you grapes as well....
hahaa we just made jokes about it and laughed he realized over and over again what a grump he was and in real daylight he is POLAR opposite from unhelpful-so I know that and maybe if it happens again I will dump cold water on him so he wakes up.... actually that may make him more grump. He tries to help, but technically I have the golden ticket.
Maybe when I stop nursing Brad can give bottles...but for now I'm not ready to give up my nursing for little Miles.
 My flash is super bright and Miles started preparing for it by closing and squinting his eyes before I even took the picture.


I love his little legs. The creases are so squeezable. 

I love his muscular arms, and his squinty eyes, and his open mouth huge smile.
I love that his hair is finally growing, and I lick my fingers and paste it down when it is flighty.
Daddy plays with Miles for hours on end every day. Throwing him on the love sac, tickling, playing with toys, practicing walking, playing guitar. He loves Daddy, and when he sees him he smiles and crawls to him. Daddy is playtime. Mommy is nurse time.
Jk he plays with me too, just all day, so Daddy is popular. But earlier this month my friend Carissa was watching him and when I came home I was holding him and he was sitting on my lap, just staying there while Carissa and I chatted. Miles reached up and touched my face to get my attention and when I looked at him and said, "Hi Buddy." He smiled so big and buried his head into my chest. He missed me. Too cute. He crawls to me wherever I am in the house, but at the same time, he plays by himself for so long. He will just go to toy to toy, and make our entire front room a disaster. When Brad holds him and I see him after showering or something I say, "Hi Love!!!" And he smiles, flaps his arms then buries his head in Brad's shoulder, like he is so excited and embarrassed or something. Too cute. Love him so much it hurts.

I love that he won't hold still and is so curious. So busy that I have to restrain him to: take pictures, eat, nurse, give medicine, change diaper and clean his nose out. Like full body restrain.

The instant he finds something and grabs it, it goes straight in his....

mouth. No matter what it is. This tickles beyond anything you have ever felt before.
When I take away my feet, and the paper 7... 

He can't handle it.

He needs to play with something all the time.

And it just hurts too bad if he can't get what he was trying to get. He gets this bottom lip fold over and closed eyes and cries at the same time, and he just gets so sad. His favorite things to get: our phones, our computers, Dad's guitar, remote, DVDs, books in the bookshelf, papers, plastic. Usually he is easy to distract, but sometimes not, today when he was crawling out of the room I threw a little foam block the other way to keep him in the room, he started crawling after the foam block then slowly started going the other way again. Determined. Brad will put stuff on the top of the love sac and he will climb and pull and scoot and crawl up the entire thing to get something.

I got him to sit still by giving him the lens cover.

I love his big blue eyes and little button nose. 

Moob alert. Pointy moob alert. 
Always has drool dripping off his chin. When we visited Lindsay in Dallas (Brad's sister) she kept saying, "Does he need a paper towel or something?"
We had to explain that he drools all day, and its totally normal. 
Which FINALLY after all the drooling and all the chewing since January, we have a little sharp tooth on the bottom. Only 31 more. Yikes.

Here's to my grabby, busy body, muscular, blue eyed seven month old baby.
Happy seven months cheeky.


Brad said...

in my defense it was 2 am(and i hadn't slept a wink yet) and i had to get up at 6 am. :)

Sally said...

Brad I'm totally on your side. You had school the next day. I'd have given you headphones and made you sleep on the couch from the beginning.

Erica Tanner said...

I love this little 7 month old boy.