Sunday, August 11, 2013

Best foods for my baby: Free printable for your fridge!

Again, I wanted a printable for my crazy brain. When my baby is hungry and I can't think of one healthy thing to feed him. I just made this to put on my fridge.
I researched all different websites and added my own favorites.
Just remember to be careful of allergies- and when your baby can eat what.
You can research online when they can eat what, I just wanted a better-more visible printable. That I can just think about healthy food choices for him and I on a daily basis.
THIS is an awesome resource for when you can feed your baby what-and an awesome website with all sorts of feeding your baby information.
But enjoy my cute printable :)
Isn't that so crisp and clean!?!!?
I love it.
Simple but perfect and colorful.
Print this, laminate it, and feed your baby healthy foods!

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Team Jensen said...

Please. Refrain from baby torture and don't feed him tofu. Tofu is not fit for human consumption. Yuck!