Friday, August 9, 2013

Someday I'll be..

Someday I'll be caught up and on time with my posts. But for now, I am happily entertaining Miles all day.
Maybe I should document some things we did this summer?
I've had plenty of time to blog, but lately during Miles' naps I just want to read my book and fall asleep in bed. Is that so bad? No..because the time that I am going to be able to do that is short. Next thing I know he will be 3 and I will have a baby again. Then he will be six and I'll have two babies and him. So three babies. No naps then. 
May as well cherish my napping.
We spent our time in Utah with friends and family.
Erica let us swim at her pool. We love any chance we can get to swim.

It makes us happy, and tired inside.

Something about swimming is just pure bliss for little baby cheeky bear.

He skipped his naps for this pool time...and it was WORTH it.
We spent a lot of time outside at Grandma Rachelle's house. And we spent a lot of time with Aunt Chelsea.

Miles was so sweet and gave Alex a big love. He just laid on his chest for a few seconds. So sweet. Makes your heart melt.

Guilty. But this is his favorite activity at Grandma Rachelle's house.

Bath time with Chels!

Say what? I'm a little nakee noo noo?

We went swimming on our 4th year anniversary to try to carry on the Vegas tradition.
This time we have a little baby bear with us. And we stayed in Provo. And we swam at Erica's.

But Brad and I got an awesome date night together. Where we went to Happy Sumo, our absolute favorite.

I myself got three rolls and pounded them without a prob.

Then we walked around riverwoods, and I like to get new....well anniversary married stuff. So I did while Brad waited outside. Its a fun tradition.
We then went to the chocolate, and Nickel City, and then took a drive and made out....
I'm such a weenie head, in my younger years I wouldn't be freaked out in a canyon, now I'm sure there is 20394234 homeless creepers up there. 

We debated and debated if we were going to go overnight. But I'm still nursing and Miles was nowhere near sleeping straight through the night, so I didn't want to do that to anyone, so we just stayed at Brad's Mom's house, and it was just perfect. I always said I wanted to do something big for every anniversary, but with kids its just....really hard. Nursing baby 500xs harder.

Nursing/crazy/mobile/energetic baby 23094823049238xs harder. 

We went to get shave ice at least 6 times, I worked there and now Echo works there, and since she worked every day and she is going on a mission, thats basically the only way we can see her.

We decided enough was enough and we got Miles a new guitar. This is the only one Walmart had, and we weren't about to go anywhere else. I'm not a big fan of buying stuff with disney characters all over it, but we settled.   

A little Sunday picture. 

We drove up to my parents house in Standrod, Utah. It's so beautiful there, and I never want to leave.
We were greeted by our favorite cousins!!

Miles with Baby Finn, (My brother Landon's baby) and Parker (1 month older than Miles) My sister Summer's little boy. I was singing if you are happy and you know it, (Miles favorite song) and he was clapping along and the other babies just thought I was crazy.

They didn't think I was funny.

We have this built in swing, mostly for my autistic little brother, but Miles loved it-despite his scared face.

Grandma Carolyn (my mom's mom) held little Miles, he tried to escape as quick as he could.

We celebrated Echo's birthday, that little stink, all grown up and going on a mission and making me cry.

We went on a little drive with Grandpa. Miles loves his Grandpa and gives him loves and kisses.

Oh Faith's little puppy. Miles couldn't get enough of him, but the puppy thought he could just jump right up and lick Miles every chance he got, Miles would cringe, and then giggle. He LOVES puppies.

My sister Summer was throwing Parker up and up and he was laughing, and it was such a beautiful view. Oh man I love my family, and Standrod. So beautiful.
As I have moved away, I appreciate my family so much, I love them so much, I think of how much they mean to me, and how much I miss them when I am gone. They are everything to me. And when I say my family, I mean Brad's family too. Six months is a long time to be away from people you love, but when you have a baby, its like...they are a new person when your family sees them again. 
Don't even get me started on Echo going on a mission. I just cry. But mostly because I'm proud of her, and also because...its hard to think of not Snapchatting her all day. Or her being a sure comment on all my Instagram pictures. STOP Brittany! Just stop thinking about it. There is Email, and Skype, and oh my Argentina take good care of her.

Chandler started throwing Miles, and man I love his little chub belly.

Hi little cheeky baby bear. You are so good at clapping.

Uh night time. 

Not while there is a party going on!

Oh hey Parker! Miles is such a social thing, he would try to interact with Parker but, Parker just tried to get away.

Baseball is always a must at my house.

Ian, batter's up!

Brad such an amazing pitcher.

To the right.
Goodness gracious. My parents really do live in paradise.

To the left. Bless the scenery.

This is Mr. Miles giving Parker a big wet one. 

Trampoline time. Faith picks out her own outfits. But she has nice taste. Floral teal leggings with a red t-shirt. Pure genius. If only I could dress with her confidence. Her puppy jumped up and bit her bum and she drug him around and he wouldn't unclench and it put some little teeth holes in her leggings!

Back to Provo we went, and we went on lots of walks.

Lots of Park time.

Lots of Walking practice.

Chels and I decided to make festive shirts the night before Fourth of July!

We went to the Freedom Festival and the parade.

We sat by Brad's Clark family.

They are the nicest.

We had such a blast, Brad golfed with his cousins and uncles and that's why he is Rudolph in this picture. He thinks his nose is immune to skin cancer.

We made the trek up to Logan to see my family again and go to the Logan car show.

Lad loved all the cars, and knew more than I did for sure.

He wanted a picture in front of all the cars.

This is my future car. Oh baby, so cute. I love it.

Sophie and Faith in front of their dream boat.

Lad photo bombing. 

Brad found his dream cars.

Miles walked up to this and put his hand on it, when we weren't paying attention. Notice he has no shoes....I'm the worst at shoes. I just bought some on Ebay because I cannot for the life of me find a pair I like, and that fit him, and that he will keep on. Goshy. 

Chelsea came with us for a little day trip. Luckily it wasn't too hot, and we went to Lewiston to Landon's house afterwards for a bbq.

Landon and Brad-met in the MTC June 2006. We dropped Landon off, and Sally said, I bet your husband is in here right now, then I had a job interview at BYU info that same day. I'll never forget it.
My husband was there. We were just 2 1/2 years away from meeting. Who knew?

Batmobile! Chelsea hiding behind!

Chandler played with Miles on the trampoline at Landon's and got underneath and pushed up on the trampoline and Miles was giggling and crawling all over. He loved it.

Back to Grandmas. We started a routine where Daddy reads a book to baby bear every night.
Some nights I have to substitute.

We braved church and it was only after the 3rd bonk that we decided to go home.

Julie practicing her parenting skills with Miles. Cutest future mom ever!

Miles loved it when Rookie (Erica's dog) barked. He thought it was the most hilarious thing ever.

His absolute favorite thing to do is climb Grandma Rachelle's stairs (and Dolly's in Standrod) and look through the holes at you and play peekaboo.

He loves just ice, and the sugar syrup of course, but we got just ice, so we didn't get heat stroke.

Aunt Echo spent as much as time as she could with Miles.

We visited Brad's friend Tyler Nelson from high school and his little doll baby Staehli is the same age as Miles. They crawled to each other and kissed when they first saw each other. Open mouthed kiss.

It was meant to be.

Miles, Staehli and their little boy Ryat. 

Ryat and Miles, twinners in jean shorts and baseball caps!

Miles has a girlfriend! Gately.

Oh he loves animals. Cats scare me because he hits them and they attack him, so dogs are more resilient and less likely to claw your face off, so I am more at ease when he is around dogs versus cats.

He loves them both equally.

He just thinks anything to do with animals is hilarious and entertaining.

We had to say goodbye to Echo, and I cried. Its like Miles knew he was saying goodbye because he cuddled her and kissed her on the lips like 10 times. Makes me tear up just thinking about how sweet it was.

We made it home. Back into the grind.

Where Mommy and Miles stay busy all day, and the house looks like a tornado at the end of the day because Mommy can't really spend all day picking up after Mr. Rip Tear and Go (a dad quote).

But we have a blast, we swim at friends, at the pool, we read books, watch shows, fold laundry, play blocks, throw balls, chase balls, go on walks..

Using the double feature of the Phil and Teds! Wahoo!
This is our friend William.

You may have noticed we got some family pictures.
I love them (Thank you Alex)

And my little sweetheart just keeps growing up. He turns 1 in a little over a month. 
Time has flown and it has been one of the best years of my life. 
I am so grateful for my eternal family, and my heart cannot contain my love for my little cheeky bear, and my Bradley bear. (I apologize for the spouse pet name, I know that is creepy and weird and you don't want to feel like you are laying next to Brad and I as we kiss goodnight-okay I just made it weirder). 

Things I have been up to:
Consignment sale, its over-so much work, so glad to be done, get a lot of cool stuff including a toy chest and all of Miles' birthday presents for the next 3 years. 
We had our annual stake share fair where I brought home SO many treasures, including Elvis records, Melissa and Doug puzzles, board books, felt for preschool, painting supplies, a new swimsuit for Miles-ALL FREE! 
Today Carissa (lovely wonderful dear friend here in Texas) and I canned peaches together. She has a lot of skills that somehow I never learned and she taught me how to do it, and next time I'll just buy my jars of peaches. (JUST KIDDING) I love the idea of fresh peaches in my jars, and no crappy stuff in with them. 
Tomorrow we have a med school dinner at the park, and Brad started school this week, and we are happy to start his 2nd year of med school together!

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Yep, totally needed to sit down and read a good long Brittany post tonight! So relaxing. And have I said it before? I'll say it again- you have to take me to your house someday. Also LOVE your new family pictures. And peaches weren't that bad...we just need a little more practice : )