Sunday, April 27, 2008

School, Eye, Tulips and Sally the jumper

The small lump is the hematoma. NIce.
Sally and her lovely date Jonathan. Ignore the bunny ears, or are those horns? You choose. Look how nice, they match!

Prom with Salster
Thanksgiving Point (TUlip festival)
Benj and I Tulip Festival
Yes, this happened. Then Benj saw a guy in a BRIGHT GREEN NEON Jacket and said, Oh no I think that is a 'guy'. I guess that was a scare. SO we stopped. BUt the guy was just a normal average guy. Except he did have that neon jacket on.

So its true, the rumors are true. School is out. Game plan for Brittany? Hmmm.. probably work all spring and summer long. Actually, I am going to Maryland to visit Hannah on Wednesday, and that will be a joy. But, I now only have 3 semesters of school left! Then one semester of student teaching. Then into the real world. Maybe I will get my Tesol Minor to stay another semester. Who knows. SO I was playing basketball and this girl decided elbowing me would be a good idea. Then my vessel in my eye decided it would be a even better idea to burst six days after I got elbowed. So, this little hematoma was formed...and it def. was a self evaluating moment. I had to make sure I had the confidence just to go out in public. Everyone thought Benj did it. He didn't. We attended Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival which was so fun! The pictures explain everything. Tulips were cold so they went to bed early for the night but it was still so fun to spend time with Benj, Lori and Loren, and Brooke and Lance. How nice it is to have such good company with the tulips! So I came home for the weekend and didnt tell Sally I was coming to her prom even though she really wanted me to come, I had told her I wasnt coming. So I was walking down the hall in the school and I heard her talking to her deliciously gorgeous date and they were the first ones in line for tickets although nobody was at the desk. So I said before she could see me, "I'll be taking your tickets tonight." She then RAN to me and screamed and popped the button on her dress (which wasnt the last time that happened throughout the night, there was much jumping and screaming on her part) and she enveloped me in a huge huge hug and then im sure she kissed me. :) Anyway she was excited. So, this was an adventure. Summer, Mom, Echo, and I set up the Chocolate fountain which looked delightful. Everyonce in awhile while sitting there we would get up and start dancing out of control. I think summer has the mass of those pictures. Oh goodness that was fun. Sally was jumping and probably poppin buttons and snaps and zippers on that dress of hers. She jumped in the actual picture because I saw some trampolines mini ones, and thought, yes that will do. SO she jumped to see me, she jumped in her picture, she jumped while dancing, she jumped in promenade, she jumps at school, she jumps in track, she just jumps. Well, I think that after all these exciting moments I should go to sleep. Especially since I can read for fun now. It's better than nice.

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