Monday, April 28, 2008


Benj in his new birthday suit :) I was not hinting anything, I think he knows that.
K so I know Benj just had a post, but this one is classic, and I have to share it with the world. Everyone probably underestimates Benj's carefree attitude. I thought the above picture would exemplify it a little better, but more so this story. So I dedicate this post directly to Benj. This is probably a memory branded in my mind for life. I had just finished a final and he was in 230 Clyde studying of course, when he texted me to just come over and see him. HA! We were in the exit of the Clyde discussing matters, and (I am making this story short for certain purposes) a young fellow walked through in order to exit. Benj was standing at the door facing me with his back to the door, and I was about 5 feet away leaning against the wall. Anyway, this young fellow was pushing the door Benj wasn't leaning on and he was ready to exit, as it looked as if Benj and I were in a "FIGHT!" Ha! So Benj turns to him as he is exiting, with a solemn look on his face and says, "Im so depressed." Clearly this fellow was an engineering student, I dont think I will say anymore about his appearance. The fellow then shrugged his shoulders with a worried look on his face. The conversation went on, but the words, "I'm so depressed" were said at least ten times. It is hard to capture Benj's solemn face in words, and the look of the concerned student's face. He said, well I dont know really what to tell you, obviously thinking Benj was really in deep depression. All this while I am feeling extremely awkward trying to get Benj to just tell him he is just kidding because this guy is so worried for us. Benj then points to me and says, She tried to help. I am laughing, but feeling embarrassed for myself and Benj. Benj is maintaining a depressed unhappy face this entire time and keeps looking down like he is really depressed. Then the guy feels the awkwardness because Benj continues to explain how depressed he is, and how he has no solutions. I think one time he even said, "I need pills." Hahahahahaha. So after about 3 long minutes of this guy not just leaving and instead listening to Benj say how depressed he is Benj decides to collapse on the floor. He lays there on his back staring at the ceiling and says in a deeply depressed voice, "Im so depressed." So this poor fellow who probably thinks Benj really needs some help says, "talk to friends and family." He then awkwardly bolts out the door. So this has exceeded my embarrassment and I too collapse next to Benj due to laughter. Let's remember that Benj is now 24 because his birthday was APril 20. :)

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