Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Being a part of BYU

So I decided that this story was too priceless to not record. So at work on April 22,2008 I answered a call and then the fun just immediately happened. Ha! I will do the call in dialog to get the full effect.
me-ByU operator.
caller-Hi I have been trying to call the Europe Center and every time I call Elder Adams answers and then the call is cut off. I don't know what to do!
Me-Okay I will try to place the call for if that is what you would like?
Caller-OH yes that will be wonderful! I'm so grateful for you operator! I have been trying all morning and all day yesterday. You have no idea how much time and effort this has taken out of my day. He answers every time, but I just dont know what the problem is.
Me: Okay I will see how I can help.
( I then get all her information in order to place the international call)
Caller: can you stay on the line until he answers and we are talking?
ME: sure I would just love to
I place the call, I add her to the call then it begins the funky ring that you know what Im talking about if you have ever called Europe.
So the ringing continues then I hear a muffled "Elder Adams" then a distinct beep representing the answering machine.
The caller then says frantically "operator! operator! are you still there?"
Me: yes I am still here (knowing we are on this Elder Adams' answering machine)
Caller: see this is what happens everytime i call and Im so frustrated. It cuts out everytime.
Me: Well I think that we are on Elder Adams' answering machine.
caller: What? How?
Me: well did you hear him say, Elder Adams, then when it beeped you are supposed to leave a message?
Caller: (obviously so confused) well this is strange
Me: Um, I think you can leave your message now. I was clearly laughing pretty loud while I was saying this. And if you have heard me laugh while talking...imagine it.
Caller abruptly says: Elder Adams, Hello..I have been trying to call you all morning.....
Me: Disconnect myself and laugh uncontrollably.
Now remember my job description is saving people one call at a time.

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Eric & Hayley said...

THAT's MY BROTHER:) hey brittany! I found your blog through Seraph's maybe? Hope you don't mind me browsing....