Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Benj's Birthday Bash

Benj's Birthday Party at Heaton's Pool.
Julie is a professor! What? NO? PRofessors cant jump! Whatever she so can jump, and she is a professor.
Benj and his roommates and Mikel. Jared, Cody, Benj, Eric, Mikel.
Pool talk time.Benj doing this. Julie's face explains the coolness of this flip.

Benj sitting by his presents. 24 years old. 24 presents.
After opening them, wearing the goods. He was hugging them to show them how much he loved them :)

Benj decided to stretch half way through due to the intensity of the present overload.

Benj and I on his real birthday, sunday :)

So Benj's month is April. HIs day is April 20. So Here is a post for him showing him how much we all appreciate his goodness. ALso, how much I love to spend time with him, but I dont have to post that on my blog, but i just did anyway. ANd it gave us a really good reason to get together, eat food, and swim. :) Happy Birthday Benj.

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