Thursday, May 15, 2008

Stop 2: Abe Lincoln

Obviously I could not contain my excitement.

We decided to do this. Too bad they decided to be in our picture as well.
Um... We told her to pose...she did this.

So I clearly wanted to see three things and only three things. 1, white house. Done. 2, Lincoln Memorial. Done. 3, Arlington almost done.
Why these three.... hmmm well I always look at peoples pictures of D.C. and these are the things that I most clearly remember. I remember when my cousin Ashley went to D.C. she sent back a picture of her by Abe, I loved it and scrapbooked it. I actually was like ten, so I cut all the way around her body, cutting Abe out. Then realized she was pretty important in the picture, but so was Abe. So I then 'taped' it back together. So, that embarrassing moment made me desire to have my pic in front of Abe.

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