Thursday, May 8, 2008

Grateful Days: In memory of my Lumix (camera)

Just my camera and I hanging out. Like good ol' times.
So I am back from Maryland. It was a blast with Hannah and Jeremy and Molly and Maddie. We went to Washington D.C. Where I have never been before, and saw my top three places. white house, Lincoln Memorial, and Arlington Cemetery. On the way home I misplaced my wonderful lovely camera. Sad but true. I am still hoping some nice person will turn it into the lost and found and then the airlines will contact me. Let's just say I am dreaming big. I really have a lot to be grateful for though. Let's see I think I will make a list.
1. Julie and Calvin
2. why julie and calvin? they fill up my gas deprived car, they feed me sometimes and--they gave me a freakin sewing machine! (which slowly caused the pain of my missing camera to diminish)
3. The roommate that left the sewing machine behind clearly underestimating the value behind the So-deeply wonderful SInger.
So there are three things I am grateful for, despite the lost camera. I still am hoping it will turn up.

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