Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I love..

I thought I would document the things I am in love with, or at least for this phase of life. I heard that thinking of/expressing things you love makes you happier. And I am here to tell you, after doing this blog I keep thinking of things I love all day long. And believe me, I'm happy.
The triplets. Left to right, Bryce Reid Trever. I got them these Cabella guns for Christmas. I do love the triplets and their whole family! Even Emma (the dog)
This really happened, and wasn't organized. Then Brooke snapped a pic. Im so glad she did that because this picture exemplifies what is happening when they sit on your lap..they all are thinking and doing different things. It gets complicated.
My house. I love my house because 1. it is in the middle of nowhere, 2. I can go somewhere and be alone for a long period of time with nobody finding me. 3. If you get bored due to no Dish/ whatever that is called, or no cell service...window washing is a week long process.
Track. I loved it. So many memories. So many tears. So much pain. So many medals. So many losses. I loved it. Not real sure why they wrapped my leg that day..I do remember it was cramping a lot, and the stuff they put on it made it burn really bad and leave welts, but I really like how tough it makes me look.
Bread. I do not eat much of this, and not eating it makes me crave it and love it.
I love tamales of any kind. Hot Tamales. Mexican Tamales. I love it.
I think I have plenty of people to go to when I am in a fret. Thats why I love my dearest family so much.
Sisters. (sorry brothers)MOre specifically Summer and Echo. We always seem to get pics together and leave Sally out which we dont mean to do. But These are the sisters I grew up with, went to school with, now miss.
Sisters, but most specifically Sally. I always have terrible nightmares that I'll lose her. Probably because we look so alike in this picture. I guess growing up with her was fun, but being at college without her stinks. (Sal dont cry when reading this)
Sisters. Sorry TOsh you didnt make it in this one. Maybe because it was your wedding day. So a shout out to Hannah and Brooke, Hannah is so willing to do anything for me and listen to me and I cannot even begin to explain how her example has helped me and not to mention her two beautiful girls. Brooke, where to start with her..she is always thinking of me and checking up on me, and she is an absolute delight to live with. She is always chipper and outgoing, which I love. Tosh is such a good mom and has a love for cooking and I really admire that in her.
I know my camera is gone, but I love it. I love it so much because of all the beautiful pictures it took.
Basketball. I forget all my troubles completely playing this sport.
These books. I am 6 down..three more to go.
Light Blue/Teal. I cannot express how happy these things make me.
I love butterflies. So teal and butterflies is an excellent combo.
PL. Or as some people say, pink lemonade.

So these are things I love. Tune in next time for things I don't love.

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