Thursday, May 15, 2008


Remarkably I found my last name on a headstone, don't fret, I'm alive.
This was supposed to be silent, at the Tomb of the Unknown, but we wanted a picture.
I loved this shot, because the Washington Monument was peeping through the trees.
Maddie wore these glasses all day, people would walk by and say, "Look at that lil' girls glasses." Then I would laugh and say, "they are so cute aren't they!" They would just awkwardly nod then walk away.

This shot I also love, it shows how straight the lines were.

My feet on the soil of the graves. I wanted sure proof I was there.
Another perfect shot, with my perfect camera, which is in the hands of a stranger right this instant.
Arlington went well, as you can see. Seeing all these graves took me back to the wars of our country. I wont get all soapy and tell you how much I respect them and such, but I will say that I have been reading a little about World War II and the soldiers who fought in these wars were all heros even though they prefer not to be called heros, they deserve every bit of respect one could possibly give. I also had no idea how huge and massive and extensive and endless these gravesites were. God Bless America.

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