Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tea Party/ A Girl's Dream

Just getting over the excitement of this wonderous tea party.
Cookies which I never had the chance to try, but if you want to ask Maddie about it, she had like six.
Madeline at her finest moment.
Now these I tried. Good. Don't you just want to grab the bowl and dump it into your mouth?
So its true, we had a tea party in Maryland. If you have seen Hannah's blog, you would see a bit different side of the tea party, so I thought I would give you my side. I obviously saw more to this tea party because I had a lovely camera. These pictures were actually taken by myself with Jeremy and Hannah's camera. These girls were so excited. Numerous tea sets joined us, and very proper elegance was demonstrated by these toddlers. I rather enjoyed it myself. I think I ate the whole bowl of skittles and wedding mints myself.

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