Monday, September 8, 2008

Oh Peru. Phase Two.

So this is it. This is the second phase of my trip. I picked out photos that could help you feel Peru. You never will feel what it is like to be there, until you are there. I can never explain it to you on this blog. But I sure am going to try. in the city of Chupaca we went to go see some ruins. This little dude wanted money. The other little dude is an orphan i adopted. Just kidding. Can I kid about that? I dont know. But really he just jumped in the picture. Shortly after his mama came and dragged him out of all the pictures. Oh Jana. Oh Megan. These two gems I spent my entire experience with. They and I went through much together. We became very close and I know I will see their happy faces again because they live in MONTANA! This is in Chupaca. Every Peruvian city has a center, with a huge church/cathedral. Chupaca was not the city I lived in. I lived in Huancayo. Dont get confused. This guy wanted me to buy an otter-pop, or a lollysickle. Or a bag with ice cream in it and knots tied on each end. I didnt want one. So I took a picture. We danced with these pretty ladies. Then I awkwardly asked them if we could get a picture with them. probably since it was my first day, I picked up my camera, pointed at it and said foto? ya. thats what happened. my bedroom. with claire and vikki. inca kola. the signature drink of Peru. And probably other places, like Ecuador. But I didnt go there. So I dont know. So this nice lady sat by me on the bus. I captured a nice photo of her, didnt I? Dont mind Jana's orange hair in this picture. It is what the focus was on.

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Jeff Hansen said...

I thought that 'nice lady' was a man.... ooops!