Monday, September 29, 2008

PehRu. Phase Cinco. Or Five.

I know. Its been almost a week since the last post. You may be wondering...What is wrong? Is Brittany herself? Well you may want to ask yourself a moral question. Should one post on one's blog, if one does not have time to sleep due to one's TO-DO list being a tad bit longer than it was yesterday? Thats the moral question of the day. So sometimes when I was sick of homework..I wanted to post..I wanted to share with you phase five of peru, but I morally could not justify it when I had some study to read about if parent's talking to their children more actually increases their speech development. Well it does. So talk to your kids more. Unless you dont want them to talk. Then don't. Here is Peru. Love it.

If this is normal. Im crazy. And if I am crazy, then....thats normal. So this must be normal.
Apparently this is normal in Pehru. What is normal anymore? It did become normal. We walked to the orphanage with herds all the time.
We decided to hike to Tore Tore or is it Torre Torre. I am yet to be corrected. Here lies a nice homestead on the way up.

I handed Craig the camera and then ran the opposite direction and then tried to hold still but was still affected from the run, and kinda tipped a little. Then I said, 'that was probably an awkward picture, take another.'
This is the other, non-awkward picture. Oh good. I just told you my secret...Im usually awkward, then I have to try again to not be awkward. I guess it isn't a secret anymore.
To abstain from you getting bored, I put these four together. I figured you see one, then they all look the same. I hope you love Tore Torre. Ill just call it that due to me not knowing if it has one R or two RRs.
Felipe, Orange hair Jana, and Giant Megan. Megan you aren't really a giant, and hair is normal in the USA...So when I post pictures of you in the USA, I wont point out that you have orange hair, okay? Okay. Deal. Great. Moving on.
Craig and Phil, Had they would have been all my selfish fault. I wanted the picture...and....I would have caused their fall. Great Im glad they didnt fall.
I absolutely adore this picture. It shows Phil and I as little dots, how insignifcantly we resided in the landscape.
Hiking down it got a bit windy. Right after this I put my camera inside my sweater due to rain. No worries, my camera still exists in my room. On my desk, safely home.
Welcome to Peru. Welcome to dog land.

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Phil Ryburn said...

Ahhh... 'Torre Torre' - So you gotta roll your "r"s. Just for the record. Can you roll them?? Always a pleasure reading your blog, especially when its 4am and i am trying to pass some time until you get home so we can chat.