Wednesday, September 17, 2008

And all of this was done in Secret.

So as many of you know I attend BYU. Yep I do. I told you my classes a few posts down. Welp today I wore a jacket, and I hung my camera around my neck like you see on the very top picture. And then I put on my jacket and secretly documented my day. Secret. I dont think anyone knew when or if I even took pictures. They may have seen my camera. But it was silent. I turned off all sound and didnt use a flash. Some were taken while I was walking. i was utterly disappointed when I missed the girl on campus with zebra tights, and other zebra apparel and accessories that matched her tights. I was also upset when I missed the girl with a sequin top and large shoulder pads in her jacket. You may have seen these people on campus today if you were there. If not..I am sorry just create an image in your mind.

The following photos were all taken without me even looking at the viewfinder. It was a secret mission to secretly (not awkwardly) document my lovely day. For those of you who live across the way many hours afar.. . . you are about to go to BYU, and work for BYU, and get your vending machine refunds from BYU.

i had to work at 6 am today. This was what greeted me after i parked and began to walk up the stairs of death. broken trampoline, and a deer. the deer had no idea what i was doing when i didnt look through the viewfinder and snapped a quick one at waist level.
this is a coworker, for the sake of my private secret mission, he will not be named. but he knows who he is.
she is a queen bee. she had no idea of my secret mission.
i may have been doing my art quiz at work, and eating some nice tootsies that the queen bee brought to me. she didnt throw them. she said she is a bad thrower.
if you read my quiz you will see something about is there ugly art. yes there is. now this is how to criticize art for all of you who didnt know. please do not picture me taking this foto. this was the first class of the day, three hours long..and i felt a little uneasy about my decision to document my day and almost gave up.
music class, we were learning a fun little jig. my music teacher said, here let me take your spot, i said awesome...then i snapped a quick one from my waist. you know how that is.
meet brittany. she is my friend. not to be confused with me brittany. we are in many classes together. we laugh at things. she had no idea this was going up on my blog. hope she loves it.
she is a gem. how you wonder? she bounces. bounces when she talks, bounces all the time. randomly will burst into song. she is a music star. ask her about pitch. she will tell you.
you wonder how i got the professor in most of my pictures. well i took a hundred pictures today. and most were out of focus and had nothing in them. every once in awhile i got lucky and caught the professor.
i thought this quality and had to include it in the archive of my day. Doctrine and Covenants. Great memories. Today Tanner left (my bro) to go to the restroom. When he came back he scared me quite a bit because I was asleep against the wall. 2PM does that to me.
oh language development. today we watched a film on studies done on babies. 12 hours old a baby has a you really wanna know this. skip over if you dont. baby is introduced to a foreign langauge,the language in this study was the Philippine language which starts with a T and my bro in law jeremy speaks it. (tagolig? something) baby sucks slowly on pacifier which is hooked up to a machine to measure sucking. then baby is introduced (by introduced i mean listens to) to the baby's own language english. The baby sucks much faster and harder for a long period of time while listening. this means babys recognize familiar their language. there is much more i could teach you. but i wont.
now i needed to do some things in the administration building. the kimball tower is what you see on my walk. oh what we call the swicket. Spencer W. Kimball Tower, Or the swkt, which is how it gets its name swicket.
as i continue to walk i pass the jfsb. Joesph F. Smith Building. Get with the acronyms. come on. please.
one year this indian was transformed into a snowman a very large snowman, 20 ft high, the BYU police dismantled him. If you read the police beat, this dismantling was very exciting for the police im sure. this indian represents the indian that helped the mayflower people. im pretty sure. correct me if i am wrong. also thats molly with the red backpack. she has no idea. we just left language development.
welcome to our library.
i had to get a wavier for living off campus. when i said document my day. i meant it.
if you look in the upper left you will see grass, with this grass is a sign that reads 'please dont walk on me, im trying to grow' upper right is the vending slip in which i lost $1.40 to the vending, and went to the office and filed a claim and got my money back. get rich quick. I didnt even have to have proof. just my word. lower left is me walking. i wasnt kidding about documenting my day. lower right is the administration building where i handed all this good stuff....or the ASB for abraham smoot building. He donated a lotta money to byu. they made a building.
walking out of the ASB we have Brigham Young. As you can see not many of my pictures are straight. Thats because I never took my camera up to my eye, all day long....and so this is the best we got. that building is the harold b lee library. its pretty awesome. and is 5 stories. i like a lot of places in the library. depends on my motive for going. to converse but maybe get some homework shhhh zone..meaning you dont have to be quiet there. to sleep...places with soft chairs, then you slide them facing each other and climb in and pretend like you are reading a book and fall slowly to sleep. to really bare down and get some stuff done, the quiet lrc. yep thats where i go.
i was walking home when this friend appeared. We talked. he wanted to know why i had a camera. he had no idea what was going on. he will now. do you know now? do you love it my friend?
when i got home i realized i had just had 6-5pm straight with nothing to eat. so i made this, and ate it. didnt look through the viewfinder on this one either. how could i? it would ruin my post.


The Skinners said...

very cute post and so creative. Thanks for always posting on my blog. I LOVE it. You are my only faithful poster. It means a lot to me.


Tara said...

I absolutely love this post. You are amazing and hilarious.

Brittany said...

Oh Brittany! I had no idea you took that picture! You're right I did laugh! Your blog is way cute! How random that it's for class, but I'm thinking it's much better than writing journals for VMA every class period! Have a good rest of your weekend! See you Wednesday!