Thursday, September 4, 2008

Phases of Peru. Phase 1.

To not overwhelm or cause back pain, I thought I would give you phases of Peru before school begins to overtake my life. I arrived home on Monday September 1, 2008. My bags arrived home on Tuesday evening. I started school on Tuesday morning. My classes are going to be tough. But I think I can bear/bare down. (that is a quote taken from my father) So as frequent as I can I will give you pictures from the different phases of Peru. Some good blogs to read where I am included in adventures is Felipe's blog and janas blog which gives stories in which I was present. :) their links are also on the side of my blog. So I guess this is Phase 1 of Peru. The bus ride from Lima to Huancayo. the never ending turns around these mountains could and will sicken you. sometimes there were very steep drop offs, and we would be passing a semi, and there would be 0% visability to what was coming around the corner. this is the edge. we were probably passing somebody. probably. it was amazing that we had been between the same mountains for an hour, notice there are two roads that we had already been on just going around in circles..basically. 3 roads 500 feet apart. all of them necessary. you think there would just be one road. Be ready for Phase two. It just gets better.

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Over the moon said...

What an amazing experience. I love those pictures. I'm glad you got to go there, I'm excited to hear more...aka Phase Two ;0).

p.s. this is Carrol...just in case you didn't know ;0)!