Friday, September 19, 2008

My Cultural Diorama

Explanation to the masses:
This is an assignment. We have to choose three objects that represent who we are. This is due today. We can do a blog post. I thought doing a blogpost would be a good idea. Note: this is graded. Note: I will be displaying my blog in class. Note: I hope you like it. Note: You may learn things about me you didnt really care to know. Note: You really dont have to read this. Note: I think I write this hoping people will just skim over...feel free to do that. Really just skim. Its an its probably going to bore you if you arent my teacher. Oh hi Dr. Cutri.

My name is BHH. (for purposes to hide my name from google search) I am 20 years old. Wow. I love tortilla wraps. I love the color blue in many different forms. Teal, light blue, sky blue, you know I like blue. I have long hair. I have many shoes. I grew up in a small area called Standrod, Utah. I say area because it of course was not a town, nor a city, nor even really what would be described as a rural area. There is neighbors but they are all related. So we inhabit the mountains. I went to a high school in Idaho. Why Idaho? I live on the border of Utah and Idaho, and the high school I attended was the nearest high school to our home. By nearest I mean 30 miles away most on a dirt road. This seclusion allowed me to develop something I would like to call anti-boredom disease. Meaning: I usually do not get bored when I am alone at home in my room. I actually love being at home in my room. This is because I spent countless hours alone at home, in my room; due to lack of any nearby friends or stores, malls, theatres, or anything that Provo has, basically. I was involved in many different sports which defines a large part of who I am. My absolute dream day would just be to do athletic things with the people I love. Talking about those people I love.....When people ask me oh who is your best friend in the world? I just find myself trying to convince them that it is somebody....when really it is my family. My family are my very best friends. I call my sisters for advice. I cry to my sisters. I cry to my brothers. I laugh with them, I share everything with them. I go to my family first. So they are my best friends. I think about when I have made mistakes, who stays with me? My family. They are the root of my existance, and my personality, and my goals, and my dreams to succeed. On with the artifacts.

My Artifacts:

1. My Pillow

I woke up yesterday to find my pillow clutched between my arms, up against my chest. Usually when I awake my pillow is not in my arms. As you may realize already, my pillow is very important to me. My pillow has become something that defines me. I find it more of a part of me, than an actual object that I am obsessed with. I am in fact not obsessed with it, I just have taken it everywhere with me for the past two years. It really has not left me for but one night at a time. We won't get into those nights. More than just the pillow becoming a part of me. I think that it represents me. It is blue, and I am very in love with the color blue. My eyes are blue, my veins are blue, (so are yours surprisingly) my bedspread is blue, 90 percent of the shirts in my closet are blue, I wish I drove a blue car, I want to paint my fingernails blue. I enjoy the color blue. My pillow is also very relaxed. Meaning: I am very relaxed. I am not sure I HAVE to HAVE any certain brand of shampoo in order to be happy, or any certain brand of milk to be happy. I am sure I can adapt to pretty much anything. My pillow is also very cozy. Meaning: I like to be comfortable, tennis shoes over heels person. I also like comfortable settings. I like to be around people who are flexible and happy with whatever events are occuring. This is my pillow. Pillow has many names, we won't get into those names, but just know my pillow is incredible.

2. My Penny

My dad came to Provo for various reasons earlier this week and I went to lunch with he and my sister Sally. After lunch we hugged and said our goodbyes, and then my dad said, "I have something for you Brit." I stood there awaiting something brilliant. He pulled out a penny and handed it to me. He then went on to tell me this was his lucky penny, in which he found on the ground. He asked, "You know why I picked this up?" I said, "Because our economy is failing and we need all the money we can get?" He said, "Because it says, IN GOD WE TRUST." I put the penny in my pocket, and we said goodbye. Throughout the week I kept thinking. Is it God I really trust? Do I really put all of my trust in God? This battered penny in which my dad picked up and gave to me has now become my lucky penny. In God I trust. Also, this penny obviously has travelled a lot. Come on it is hashed. It has been to New York three times, and back to Utah, then thrown aside, or maybe dropped. Possibly provided the extra cent needed to purchase a snow cone. I want to be like this penny and share experiences from person to person and divulge into learning about new places and people. I feel like I have every desire to travel everywhere in the world and become somebody who knows culture, who knows how to relate to those around her who are different. I love to travel and experience new places and people. With that I know who I am, just like this penny still carries the words, 'IN GOD WE TRUST'. I want to carry my personality and beliefs and values to other cultures, and learn of their culture and beliefs. This penny represents not just luck, but God, diversity, and experience. It also represents someone I hope to become. Someone who is well rounded,experienced and knowledgeable, and someone who still holds true to their heritage. I hope this penny I become allows me to reach out to those I influence especially in my future classroom and home.

3. My Family

I guess I should start from the beginning with this one. My mom married my dad. They had 16 kids. I am number seven of 16. I have eight brothers. I have seven sisters. I love them all. They are why I exist. They are my best friends. I watch my sisters' examples and think, how can I be more like them? I walk the planet everyday and just do not even FATHOM the influence my family has on who I am, and who I am becoming. I could write books about my family. I usually get the basic questions. I will answer those now.
1. Any twins? No.
2. Any adopted? No.
3. Is your mom having more? Ask her. Probably. Why stop now right?
4. How old is the oldest? 28, and her name is Brooke, or number 1, whatever you prefer.
5. Youngest? Youngest is one year old. Her name is Faith.
6. Who is your favorite? Sally, no Landon, no Echo, no Ethan, no Lad. . . no I don't know. No I don't have a favorite.
7. Are you going to have 16 kids? No, because my mom already had a baby and was pregnant at my age, so I'm a bit behind. Don't cha think?
8. How did you do laundry, how did you parents afford it, did you hate it, do you like it...?
All of these questions are very normal. If you are experiencing the desire to ask these questions that is normal too. Basically the point I am trying to address is the fact that my family is my life. My siblings are my main mentors. My parents are my main support. I want to have a family. Large or small does not really matter. I do know the importance and impact my family has had on me, and I will provide my family with that same support. Not just my family but I will reach out to those I teach and hopefully provide experience-related answers for questions their little developing minds address. I love my family and if I were a tree, they would be my roots. Seriously. My roots.

Now my assignment is complete. Dr. Cutri I hope I had third story thinking like you tell me to have.


Jeff Hansen said...

I'd give you an A+ :)

Ramona said...

Super interesting Brittany. I didn't know that you came from a big family. Yes, the metaphor of the penny is definitely third story thinking!