Thursday, September 11, 2008

Peru. PHase 3 Million. Just kIddn' Phase 3.

After the ruins we went on this little boat ride. With this little boy rowing. This cost us all one soles. Which is about 35 cents.
Cathedral in Chupaca.
Now this was the jump that got us yelled at. Get off the ruins you #%*$&@ idiots. IM sure it was something like that. In spanish.
Ruins. Clearly.
I sat my camera on a tilt. Then put the timer on. Then ran. We were supposed to do a magazine pose. Or so I thought.
She. And by she I mean me.

WElp We visited the ruins. I obviously was overjoyed. I really like this four square collage thing I have done here. Maybe this will become a new thing. Did I mention a small story? Oh I will mention it now.
Story: On the way to the ruins, we got in a taxi. All of us. In a taxi. Serious. There was 8 of us. Plus the driver. We let the normal herds of various animals go by, then we slid to a stop. Why? oh just so the taxi drivers son could come sit on his lap while we finished our route. Not to mention he was sitting in the middle but he kept hitting craig in the face. So he got moved to the far driver side. He did drive for us at one point. Safe? Eh...
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Rustin & Brittany said...

Hey I keep waiting for pictures of our Austrailian friend...enough about you already. j/k Those ruins look awesome.