Friday, December 12, 2008

Hey Baby Lets go to Vegas..

You would think I would run out of things to say to you. But, if you know me at all you will know that I talk. More than I think probably. I talk a lot. So I can let that talking blabber onto the page. And Im glad I decided to write, instead of worrying about who wants to read it and who doesnt. As long as I am happy right? So as far as I know Im probably the least amount of TV watcher ever in AMerica. When I go home I love to watch movies, old movies, black and white movies. But here I just fail to find the time, or desire. If I have an hour Im not going to plop down on the couch and flip channels, sorry. I am probably going to lay on my bed and stare at the ceiling. Or sit and stare at the wall. If you want to debate this...Dont because its true. Landon can vouch for me. He hears me come home, then comes in my room and sees me performing this act. I usually say to him "I could be doing anything right now, I just need to lay here though." I dont know why but getting off work at five then going to work again at six, sometimes drains me. Sometimes. I dont do it everyday, but I do go to class with that, NOT ANYMORE TILL JAN!!! YAHOO FOR SCHOOL! The first of the week I am great. The first two times I am great. But the third time is usually what sends me through a loop.

So yesterday was the operator party. 1 AM it started. Roughly 3:15ish it finished. There was all sorts of talents, sword fighting, singing, clogging, video skills, jokes, snorting even, Sleep didnt hit me till 4 am. Woke up at 7:30. Rolled on the floor to army crawl to my closet to find some jeans instead of the turqoise short sweats I was wearing. I froze to death in those 3 1/2 hours, and normally I get under my other blanket, but last night it was like I was so out of it, I didn't even know where I was. When my alarm went off, I thought it was BYU info calling me telling me I was late. (normally only time I am late is when I miss my alarm) But I didnt even work in the morning, I had a final. A very relaxing final. I think my granola cereal is bad for me. Maybe because its all I eat. Hmm. It hurts my stomach. I should stop eating it.

Last night I worked out with landon. At golds. I hate golds. Summer earlier posted a expressive note on her blog about Modbe. Here is my experience with Golds Gym. Hell.
I dont swear but I do when I talk about Golds Gym. Its like there is no word in the dictionary that can explain the pain they have caused me. I don't even think it is the oh let me jump down your throat if you aren't a member and tell you that you are getting the best deal they have to offer, and they have never seen their manager give a lower deal. When really Landon and I know this is a load a crap, my brother, other brother, and brother in law are all salesman. Im not retarded, but somehow I fall into it, I fall into the, okayy....iiii Guess I neeedddd a paasss that Im never going to use. I have Byu, I have no time, I would rather eat dirt than play basketball with the cockies at Golds Gym. I take that back I would rather let mice crawl all over me. Thats right, mice. I hate mice and rodents. HEy maybe I hate GOlds because everytime I try to sign up the dude hits on me, Im not that attractive with greasy unwashed hair, too big of hoodie on, with the hood on my head, black under my eyes from not washing my face the night before, and hairy excema infested legs and you are hitting on me? I think you have a problem, not me for looking this gross and going out in public. And better yet, asking me to a drinking party to show me real fun? Real professional. See I dont think it was that. BUt I think it was this:
Brittany pops her tire in Golds Gym Parking Lot.
Brittany is mad that they had pavement broken and she is lucky enough to be the winner to get her tire popped.
Brittany goes into Golds to ask for a possible help with the tire, or maybe like hey see if you guys can help me out with a new tire since your parking lot is a load of rubbish.
Brittany asks politely.
Brittany waits for them to finish trying to swindle somebody into getting a membership.
Brittany is told they cant do anything about the tire.
Brittany asks them to help her change her tire.
Brittany walks out because three strong (idiots) couldnt help her change a tire because they needed to stay and hold down Golds Gym.
Brittany wonders why they spend a FORTUNE to work out and get strong, THEN NEVER USE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry Its been awhile since that happened, but the wound was reopened last night when Landon paid ten dollars for me to bench press 80 pounds a million times and now it hurts to type these letters. (apparently that isnt stopping me from wearing out the keyboard). So I guess I just vented. Got it out. Whoofff.

Now what you all really just want to see. Hey Baby Lets Go to Vegas. When I say Baby, I refer to ...everyone. :)
Echo, you could come with me to Vegas. I like you. Plus you are wearing my senior bball jersey #14, so ya, you can come to Vegas.
Hey Echo, you are a really good rebounder in basketball, rebounders do well in Vegas I hear.
Molly, there is Christmas balls in Vegas too you can break. Dont worry. Hey, Ill even sweep it up for you.
Yes Lad, there is Bingo in Vegas. Lots of it.
Since I already told Lad he could come, I guess Maddie and Ian, you guys can come too. Ian, I know Batman doesn't smile. But once you see Vegas, you will smile.

Sally's team, you cannot come to vegas.
Sally im still deciding if you can come or not. (#10)
Only if you score 20 points atleast, this game.
This is not scoring sally! You are number ten, you should be scoring right here, not standing and watching someone else try to steal your spot to vegas!

Uh...I told you guys you could come already.
Niece Maddie, yes you can be out of control in Vegas, Ian you keep jumpin in these pictures.
Sister Summer you are totally there, leave the babies at home though. Oh I already told niece Molly she could come, okay baby sister Faith. Fine you can come too. Freak this is a lot of people going to vegas.
Sally, if you want to come, you need to be holding the ball in your hands, and shooting. Then you can come. 20 points remember?
Oh finally, okay you can come, you exceeded the expectation of 20 points, but you have to, because thats you.
Sallys opposing team, No you cannot come to Vegas.
After I told Sally she could come to VEgas with us, she was so happy all over. Winning the game had nothing to do with it. The fact that she is superwoman has nothing to do with her smile either.
Im only going if Sally goes.
And for the pool. I like Pool, cept I lost this game, and every game. Aunt Robin and Sister Echo were so distracting.
I almost forgot Crystal, she's in Florida. She told me she wanted to come. So I'm inviting her for a couple of reasons. Number one. I like her, and I like people who want to travel on trips with me. (she also wants to come to Standrod, I know weird that I finally convinced someone).
But then again, I have already gone, and I really didn't like the night life.
This guy with the fish in his cane, and chica friend with a man face, they were in Vegas too. But if I go again, Ill be okay without them.

OH you will be happy to know this only included 3 pictures from THanksgiving. I think I am moving on.


Crystal said...

I CANNOT believe I wasn't invited to Vegas. Low blow brittany, REAL low blow.

Crystal said...

I also thought it was hilarious that you referred to the guys at golds as "cockies" well...because at first I was like, "did she just say?" then I was like, "Oh she meant..."