Monday, December 1, 2008

I had a little too much....

I had a little too much of a few things this holiday season...But Im not going to say that I didnt like it. All of it.
If Thanksgiving dinner had to be prepared everyday...I would be fat and tired all the time.

If that frog eye salad was in front of me right now, I would be eating it regardless that it is morning and I already ate a large bowl of granola for bReakfast.
I got my full of ECHO this weekend. Didn't you hear? It's a new dish. Echolishous. Except you get full really fast! Jk Echo. Jk. You are a delight, except when I just spent 5 hours in a dress and 2 of those hours in the van and you wont stop pinching and punching me. Then you are not a delight. Sorry but you aren't. And I know you read this. And I know you are smiling. And you need to stop.
There it is right in front of me. I was going to take a picture of my plate, but this year my plate was just a tupperware full of frog eye salad. Fill my belly. I need this recipe from aunt Robin. She is so crafty. She made this and it hypnotizes me and then I eat it. All of it. Forget ham, turkey mashed potatoes, I want this devil food.

Oh look at how she makes the frog eye salad and then smiles like this because she knows she is doing terrible things to our bodies. Terrible like...
This. Frog eye salad will give you hair, and a nice belly.
Whoa! Tyler Heaton! How did you ever manage to get this photo on my camera! Then on my blog? Gross. You are so gross. I experienced a bit too much boy humor this holiday season. Not sure I liked it.
since my camera was filled with TJ's (robins hubby) body parts. Here is his arm. Both forearms look like this. Maybe I will tell that story later.
Just know he eats a lot.
And know he is holding his wife's frog eye salad, in which I wanted so badly to steal from him and run it up into my room and turn my closet into a fridge, so I could keep it there. Im making frog eye salad this week and eating all of it for myself.

OH and I thought I would stop the post here and carry My Thanksgiving weekend posts out throughout the week, and try to savor it for as long as freakin possible.

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Crystal said...

That is one MASSIVE bowl of frog eye salad...what was that like 50 boxes of acini de pepe?!?! Your T-giving pictures are hilarious because it is so not normal to have all that food...but it is normal to you. That is SO MUCH FOOD!! I want to come to thanksgiving at your house one day.