Friday, December 19, 2008

Freak Brittany

I guess maybe I need to post on my blog so people know I am surviving. Breathing. Coping. Well I have yet to say IM DONE WITH FINALS, or post on my facebook status, Brittany glad that she took seven tests and still managed to do awesome on cram studying, or Brittany is so glad she can now relax because are over. Or Brittany is so sick of people putting personal things on their facebook status, it totally ruins communicating. Or Brittany is tired. Or Brittany doesnt get enough sleep. I dont know about any of you but I love learning about things NOT through facebook. I hope that I find out through word of mouth, even if it is six months late.
Maybe I need to calm down a little bit. Not let school and work stress me out so much. Maybe, just maybe I need to watch more TV, compared to none. Maybe I need to go visit somebody more, or go caroling. I always felt awkward caroling. I cant sing, and its always been strange to me to knock on peoples doors and sing a song. Okay maybe its just me, but I dont know. Moving on. I need to relax. And maybe its because I have one final left, and I just don't feel like even after I take that I will be relaxed. I still work, I still have to do my laundry, I still have to go to school in like 3 weeks, and the process (if you are from canada, please pronounce PRO-CEss, not pracess) will continue, start over. My co-worker told me something really disheartening today. We always want to finish high school, then finish college, we are always looking forward to the next step, but it never gets better, the desire to complete the step never ends, we always wanna go forward, we want a boyfriend, but once we get a bf we wanna get married and then we will be really happy, but then we need to have kids to get even happier in life, but once we have kids we need more. Gosh, its just a pracess isn't it. So at that point I just wanted to say, okay I'm done, I'm just going to go home and sleep. Because I have a no sleep headache. My calves cramped up so bad last night. Ouch.

Maybe I need faith. And Faith.

I wish I could relax, eat ice cream and sit in my high chair.
Not just any high chair, Eddie Bauer high chair.
"Oh the life, I cannot even seem to grasp the drama I begin to create by being so wonderful."-Faith
Like um, life is like hard, and I like need to like kinda like maybe freak out every once in awhile like, dont you think so?
Oh yeah just maybe I should be more easy going.
And this is content and this is how faith is content. I need faith, or maybe I need to be more like Faith. Sorry if I am confusing you.

I should just squak when I need something, or don't want someone touching me. (Its usually Landon trying to poke me in the ribs, or tickle my feet).

Oh I should just lay down on the floor and give up, give up on everything. My life is hard, people draw on me, People pick on me, people tease me for my bigger than normal ears, people try to pick me up and swing me upside down, and I am done. I am so done.
But then again, life is okay sometimes. Ice cream in my hair happens, but I guess I can just smile for the camera because life is okay.

I have a final left. I need to take it. I also need to sleep, so if you try to call me I may be in hibernation. Oh and Tosha told me to just get my final over with. I think thats a good idea. Five hours is enough for studying I think.

Oh and if you thought these pictures were still from Thanksgiving, they are not. I am not that desperate. Gosh, give me a chance, I moved on from Thanksgiving. But plan on seeing Christmas pictures for at least six months.



SERAPH said...

I love reading your blog. It makes me feel like I'm sitting right next to you and we're having our long conversations like we used to at work. I miss you! Good luck with the rest of your finals. When you finish your last one...go home and take a HUGE long nap. Promise?! love you!

Crystal said...

Love the Faith montage at the top of your blog. It's not just a can be progress if we have the right attitude about it. And be glad for where we are and be excited about what we are working for. Love, Crystal :)

Charise said...

I love you Brittany! You are so funny. I miss you like crazy. You always make my day when I read your blog!