Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Things I tend to normally hate..

Before I dip deep into the pictures of Christmas, which you will experience later this week, I will dip into things that I hate. On a normal day to day basis. Well I always hate the dentist, but love that my tooth doesnt hurt anymore, but that is a different topic. For now, lets talk about things Brittany hates. (Now when I say hate, I think if I was starving or naked, I wouldnt hate these things, so its not like a pure hate, just a hate because I can, and I do.) I really dislike frizzy hair, especially today, its driving me mad, no matter how many times I lick it down, it still comes up. I put so much hair oil in...it looks a bit greasy. Don't worry, its not, I showered last night, after I dominated in a game of monopoly.

Oh lets talk about monopoly. So if you want a really awesome way to play, play like you put all your money that you spend on everything, properties, fees....you know in the free parking middle pile. All the money you earn from GO and drawing cards, you take from the bank. This way we screw over the bank, and the bank is poor. This pile will get very big, and whoever wins it, pretty much dominates, until someone else wins it. So maybe you hate this way to play, but I love it. Anyway, that was probably the boringest thing I have ever written on my blog, and I apologize.

So I will get back to the point of this post. Its a pre-Christmas post, so you know Im not dead or giving up on my blog, because Im not, its the best journal I have ever kept. Although you never get to know about my real personal life on here, ha oh well, that part you probably dont really care about anyway. Just gossip. Wow I am just really great at not getting to the point today. SO...all of these pictures are from Christmas, but...none actually giving away what our Christmas actually looks like, I'll get to that laters.
So normally I really dislike Midriffs, I just think they are completely gross. Unless you are working out and wearing just a sports bra, then I guess its not even a midriff,because it doesnt even begin to cover your mid'dle. But in this case, I think midriffs are beautifully cute.

She doesnt even know that her adorable belly is showing. Well, it did, and rarely is it NOT showing. But in her case, I love midriffs. Sister in law Amanda, you where a belly shirt whenever you want. Because we love it.

BREAK, take a breather, feel free to get a cookie, or saltine if you lack cookies in your house.

So in mostly every single case I love my Nana. Ha, that sounds terrible. I always love my Nana, she is my dad's moma. So I normally always hate purple, always. Never am I like, oh I think I will go purchase a purple hair thing for my hair, oh hey maybe today I'll go pick up a purple pair of pants. No, I stay clear of that color, for myself. And mostly I steer clear of people who wear the color purple. Ha, jk. That may be a bit over board. Okay, so..here is the kicker. Ya, I know time to move on and get to the point again. In this one case, I loved the color purple.

My Nana, wearing purple. Handing us our family history to add to our binder of what soon will be 5 trillion binders of family history. One person, could never complete one's family history in a lifetime. Not even in two lifetimes.
Here is a back view to get the full effect of the purple sweater. So in my Nana's case, I love purple, because its her favorite color...and we share the same birthday, so I have to love it.

Okay now here we go with the kicker of the post of Brittany. Tomatoes. I always hate them, the only case I have ever eaten them is when Sally promises to eat a piece of onion if I will eat a piece of tomato. We then both enjoy each others misery by watching the other eat something that we love, but the other hates and the pain on her face when she eats an onion, and the disgust in my lips when I eat a tomato. Its interesting how we love each other so much, but yet cannot have the same taste buds, as much as we try to force it upon the other. But I really hate tomatoes. No matter what anyone does I will hate tomatoes. But...I love the tomatoes in my cellar. Love them. (by love I do not mean that I eat, because I DO NOT EAT TOMATOES. only if I am starved on day 12 of no food).

What, A garbage pit, thats not a tomato? Okay I know, this is the garbage pit in our garage, where we throw our garbage before we take it and burn it in the fire pit like a half of a half of a mile from our house. LIke a really big fire pit, next time Im home Ill take pictures of it burning, its like a huge bonfire, in a pit. Anyway, peeping behind this garbage is ..... a door. A door in which our cellar is located. Now, before we built our house, our cellar and house were seperate, then we built around and onto our house in which we connected the house and cellar. Sweet. Good job parents. So this cellar is OLD! And I dont even know whats in there. Creepy stuff.
Pull string light. You know you gotta have it, because you gotta get outta there before you turn off the light...cuz its a bit creepy. And cold.
So there is another door, because I believe someone built on to the cellar...blah anyway its a feat with cement cold steps..And I hope there is no rodents in there..there is no way there is because..
we store apples and potatoes and water heaters..rodents would eat the food. These are some of our nine water heaters. I dont really know how many we have..seven, eight? nine? Something like that. ARe you wondering what in the world tomatoes have to do with our cellar yet? HA! Okay so we had a garden, then it started to get real cold in september. So..my mom took all her tomato plants and HUNG them in her cellar. And on Christmas day we were eating tomatoes that were ripe in August, and have lasted four more months. Crazy? I think so.
Hanging tomatoes. Hanging...ripe in August. Eating them STILL in december. Tricks of the mom. I actually do not know where she became of this knowledge to do this.. But our cellar is always cold and dark..and they survive. On the vine. So whenever my mom needs tomatoes..she just goes and picks them from her vine. She doesnt even water them. They just suck nutrients from the vines.

While we are looking at this picture, I have a small story. See that window in the middle of the picture. Its the only window, and its pretty hard to get open, but when it opens, it opens like a cupboard would open and it comes toward you and up. Anyway, the cellar door locks from the outside. To lock stuff in? To lock my brother Tanner in? I dk. I really dk. So....Landon and I got locked in when I was a small girl. That window would be easy to reach now...probably still would need a boost to get up there. But..Landon and I sat and thought about how to get out for a few moments...then realized that if we cleared away a spot, he could boost me up and I could shimmy out. Well..that window is small, and it was tight for me then. But now if I got locked in I would need some explosives to get out. But I could just live off tomatoes...I guess..YUCKERS. I would eat the apples first. Then work on the potatoes..anyway, somebody would eventually find me. I remember dropping out of the window...face first into mud. Awesome. It was a long drop to me then too. Oh memories of the cellar. Back to the tomatoes.
Are you amazed? So you see why I would love the tomatoes in my cellar! (NOT FOR MY CONSUMING PURPOSES, but for my mothers creativity, and whoever else contributed, I dont really know)
So come to Standrod and grab a tomato.

Midriffs, Purple, and Tomato. If you hate em, its okay, if you still hate them after this post...its okay..so do I.

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