Thursday, December 11, 2008

I still wish..

I love comments on my blog (CRYSTAL), sometimes it makes me feel like even if only that one person read my post, it was worth it to write it, and take the time to choose the pictures, find something interesting to say about pictures that probably aren't that interesting, post pictures of my family, since that is about all I have going for me. If I didn't have my family I would be a boring boring individual. So, I guess to all of those who do post comments, thank you for giving me the 'umph' to write yet another post, in which I look over as, oh I have seen this a million times. But, I believe some of you haven't ever had 15 siblings, and 5 jillion cousins running around, so its kinda nice for you. You can visit a circus just by looking at my blog. Cheaper too. Gosh maybe I should start charging for you to look at my family secrets. Our biggest secret right now is probably how dirty the house is. Im not sure, haven't been home for a week.
It may be fascinating for some of you to just establish some sort of group in order to come take a tour of my home, meet all my siblings, and maybe even visit my one-hall way highschool. Hmm. Its an idea. Maybe I'll put us up for a reality tv show. But then again, that might drive my family more mad than they already are. I believe I am getting on a tangent here. Some of you (family who don't talk to me on a frequent basis) may want to know about me.
Well I finished up the last of my classes yesterday. And it was my goal to actually stay awake in Doctrine and Covenants, and I DID!!! The girl next to me without an arm didn't even stay awake!! She really doesn't have an arm but she dresses amazing, and very stylish. I dress that coordinated and cute like once a month. And that wears me out to take that long to get ready, and maintain the cuteness attitude all day, some of you know what I am talking about.
Back to life. So I plan to go home for the holidays, people ask me "so are you going home" After the ten trillionth time, I almost want to say, "Hey no, I think my overcrowded bedroom in Provo looking over apartment buildings will be really awesome on Christmas morning, especially all by myself" So yes, I am going home for the holidays, and my mom called me this morning and nobody wants to put lights on the Christmas tree that Landon and Shad cut down. So, like last year I will put the lights on with Echo/Ethan (sorry I cant remember which one of you) helped me twist them around the tree.
Yesterday I was sitting thinking, why am I sitting here studying for finals, they arent for like another week. I should be out not stressing having a wonderful time! IM done with classes, and pretty sure no matter how terrible I do on the exams, there is NO way I will fail any of my classes. So that is something to be proud of. Hey I might even get a couple A's. That would be really awesome. Now you see why I don't write very often. I get distracted and end up talking about something that I could have said in like four words. Finals over, going home. Bam.
Today is the operator 1 AM party. Thats exciting for me, because every year I have wanted to go, but .. I wont go into why I didnt go. This year I am going, and I am bringing healthy food to balance all the unhealthy stuff that will be there. I am going to eat a massive SALAD before I go so that I dont get distracted and eat suga. I don't think I have a talent though. Maybe if I get really brave I'll roll my tongue or something. Wow I dont know.
I'm excited to go home and play ping pong. I like it. I want to be professional. But, tanner will always be better than I. So I am guessing by now you are drifting off to sleep while reading so I will display fotos. Right after I itch my nose. Now I am clicking add pictures icon. Okay I'll stop telling you step by step boringness.

I have a feeling I am going to get carried away with this blog post. Pictures wise. OH I forgot my title was I still wish.. I still wish ...
(I still wish)I could bring some people I really dislike and play football in my backyard with my siblings, to show them whats really up.
I still wish I could be this allstar sports player, hence why football is so fun.
I still wish Provo was this relaxed, people not feeling like they have to go somewhere and do something all the time.
I still wish I can remember why we think it is funny to leave Faith crying, under our porch, on a riding lawnmower. Babysitting gone bad.
I still wish I could go to BYU but live in Standrod, how does that work? hmm..
I still wish I could spend all my time with Mykah, Echo and Sally, and visit the Twin Falls Temple all the time. (Check out my non-tighted legs, freezin in the wind)

I still wish everybody could go to Standrod, and Twin Falls, and heaven of course while we are on the subject.
I still wish I could describe the wonderfulness of the temple to those who don't know it.
I still wish everybody could meet my family.
I still wish I could rock climb really awesome, so awesome that I can climb completely slippery, and slickery walls. Temple walls, but then that would be disrespectful so nevermind.

Oh by the windy (wine-dee) way. All of these fotos are from T-weekend. Still. I know I need to move on.


Jeff Hansen said...

I still wish... you'd come see us more than once a year!!! ;)

Crystal said...

So...put my name on the list for the tour. Plus 2 kids. Steve will probably be studying or saving someone's life or something.