Friday, December 5, 2008

You are so...

I believe everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves over the holiday..

Dad, just wanted you to know, you are so special. (special....has special meaning)
Grammy, you are so cute, up close! Wowzer. Cutness.
Cousin Jeffy, you are so tall and handsome!
Sister in law Amanda, you are so buldging right now! Is it because of the food, or the baby in your belly?
Niece Remi, you are so studious to be studying during dinnertime! Goodness I didn't study the entire weekend! Oh you have a little remnant on your shirt, and chin.
Baby sister Faith, you are so pale skinned. But I do enjoy your troll hair, and your name on your belly.
Baby brother Lad, you are so well-kept with your tucked in shirt to your bball shorts.
Baby Lad, you are so irresistably handsome when you drink liquids. (I cannot resist telling you a story here. Lad came up to me with his cup of water later this evening and said, Brit, the water in my cup is white, the water in the ocean is blue. He then walked away without thinking twice about his profound statement. Thank you Matthew Lad, thank you.)
Brother Landon you are so stylish here in your blue plaid.
Brother Landon, you are so kind to eat the leftover rotten cranberry sauce. (In reality, I have no idea what he is eating, so if you are my sibling, and you were there, or if you have any random guesses, please post a comment on my blog and I will honor you with a pat on the upper shoulder.)

Thanksgiving was fun. I like Thanksgiving. My family came to Thanksgiving. I like frog-eye salad. I ate no turkey. I like my sisters and cousins. I like my Dad. I like my grammy.

That was my attempt at writing like a third grader. Have a happy day.

*Love Britters.

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