Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I know why..

Remember how I said I was going to savor Thanksgiving weekend throughout the week, well, here I am still savoring it. Landon is always encouraging us to ride the horses, when he rides them all day long, one after the other. After I get on one, and that one tries to buck me off, I stick it out, but then I am usually done for the day/week/month

Lately I have been trying to just write less on my blog, but after noticing from watching other people look at my blog, they are either Brittany readers, Brittany picture lookeraters, or just Brittany once a month brief make sure im still alivers.
So I am going to write, because I struggle with my journal. Heck I rarely write in it anymore. What am I supposed to say. Today I went to class, then to work. I ate a salad. But just a few key things that stick out in my mind.

Now he doesnt read my blog ever, so I can say whatever I want about him on here. First off, he gives me rides to class. Then he picks me up. Then he makes me food when I get home from work, or school. He always comes up in my room and checks on me to make sure I am doing okay, am happy, had a good day, and he even tells me to tell him about it. He never talks about his day..not really like I talk about my day.

I also like the fact that he does all the things I don't like to do. Fill up my car with gas..I dont know why that bugs me so bad, but its so .... uhg. I dont know. Probably my least favorite thing to do lately. He is just a treat. Anyway back to the horses. He likes horses, and so do I, but he absorbs himself with them when he gets home. And I like that he does that. Dedicated.

So we went on this fun little, freezing, horse ride. I wore my Huancayo, Peru gloves. I knew those were an awesome purchase. Sorry I should have put on my Peru beanie, but it was in Provo, not Standrod.

He is just the epitome of wonderful. His hat, he just decided he liked it and bought it. Random.
Cowboy with a blue beamer. Yep.
She, her name being 'Precious' really loved me at first. This is Sally's horse. My horse I only let Landon ride, I still need time to adjust from the last episode Annie (my horse) and I had together.
Precious doesn't really respond to reigns. So I was trying to be nice to her, hoping that miraculously she would respond to some kind of direction when I was on her back.
Echo is pretty cute, I admit. She is kinda taller than me...so that ruins some love towards her. Okay, maybe I will drop the taller bit and just move on.
Shad and Rosie. He says he trained her to ride on the back, and he really did. She has made huge progress, thats why I fed her my leftover quesadilla one day. She doesn't really jump up on you anymore, I think that is because Shad had a shock collar on her. And she does chase deer and drive them to break their backs...but she is making some progress. I mentioned this to Shad, and he said, "Ya, but she took down Lad about ten minutes ago" Ok, nevermind then. You see our trusty basketball court in the background, which doubles as a parking area. And a trampoline base.

As I was riding, I took a few pictures. Please do not judge the quality, the crookedness, or the image itself. Just look at these with open perspective.
My home. My room is above the front doors.
My face. Happy now, but give me another hour and I was....struggling.
Now you see why she was so angry. She had a purple bridal! How can a horse function and be normal with a purple bridal? Its okay Precious, I really hate purple too.
The End.
(get it...? ha, if you didn't...go back to health class. And if you didn't get that joke...you don't know Lancy Lou)

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Crystal said...

I am an all over Brittany fan, I love the pictures and the words and you. I also love your house...if you ever sell it, I'll buy it.

My word verification is shwor...I think your blog is trying to tell me I stink.