Friday, January 16, 2009

My Christmas

IM NEXT!! So since I am myself I will post my Christmas in my own post! Wow Im lucky. So since I looked wretched on Christmas morning, I cut out my face in all the pictures.
Here I recieved a willow tree girl with birds on her arms. Yes to demonstrate the free side of me. I cut out my face.
Okay here it is with my face. I didnt cut out my face in all the pictures. I dont care if you see me...oh well.
A lot of my presents were for me, or I guess of me, but they stay at home. Like this is all my pictures in a lovely circle from kindergarten to my senior year of high school. Every one in our family gets one when they graduate. I graduated 2 1/2 years ago. Its okay, my mom has a right to be slow. Oh and 90% of our Christmas pictures have somebody walking in front, with a leg or a body mass...or something. BUt this frame will stay at home and hang in my room most likely.
Okay, so Landon decided I was his favorite sister so he got me what I had asked my mom for LAST YEAR. A digital picture frame, that stores 2000 pictures. Ya its sweet. I can actually tell you that this one is now displayed on my desk, continually filtering through all my pictures.
Here is another stay at home picture. Well remember this?? click here if you dont remember my prom picture post So I got those pictures taken because my mom always has pictures taken of girls as juniors or seniors in their prom dresses then blows up a picture and hangs it in the hall. So thats what I got for Christmas, 2 1/2 years late. But I loved it.
Here is the annual sit on the stairs with all your presents pictures. I got mostly socks and clothes. Somebody ate my candy bars in my stocking. THat angered me.

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