Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas with 17.

Okay let me give you who participated in Christmas this year in order of opening presents. Sorry if I mix up the order for the 'others' who attended this year (Amanda and Aaron).

Person Age
Faith 1
Lad 4
Ian 6
Ammon 9
Chandler 11
Ethan 12
Echo 14
Shad 16
Sally 18
Brit(me) 20 almost 21 :)
Landon 21
Amanda 20 (tanner's spouse)
Tanner 24
Aaron SECRET!!! (Brooke's 'friend')
Brooke 28
Mama Young
Papa Super Young


Sibling Age Spouse Children
Tosha 27 Lance Remi, Child in womb
Hannah 26 Jeremy Maddie, Molly, Child in womb
Summer 23 AJ Child in womb

Now the statistics are over and we can get to the real meat of this post, I hope you understand what our Christmas may consist of. No you never will, unless you come.

So some more basic facts. We open presents in order from youngest to oldest. Always. We all have a red santa bag in which presents are placed inside and not wrapped. We all end up having wrapped presents too under the tree (as the ones in the bag are from santa and mom).

Brooke was helping Faith, and she saw that Brooke had pulled out clothes, and man she was strippin her christmas jammies off like real fast.
After the pants, she had to get on her skirt. These boots were my gift to her. Gap, adorable. I had a disclaimer attached to them though. When Faith grows out of them. They come back to me, for my Girls.
She pretty much just got clothes, and she was the happiest baby in the world. Except she ate so much candy, it was disgusting.

Okay, now Im just posting one picture for each child. Not more.
Okay I lie.
Matthew Lad. He is known as Lad in our home.
Of course he got his own bike, he's four. Four year olds NEED their own bike in order to be normal.

Hans Ian, known as Ian in our home.

Of course he got the batman mobile. Bat car? I cant remember what its called. But its pretty sweet. He hasn't even seen Batman (my mom wont allow him to) But I tell him all about it. And I showed him You tube videos of when the car turns into the bike. He liked it. Loved it. Memorized it.

Sorry if you are already bored, I have a ways to go, and sorry if you want me to tell you everything that everyone got...I cant do that. Because I have no idea. My eyes started glazing over after shad. THe only thing that kept me going was the hope that soon it would be my turn.

He was interested in the bag full of stuff.
He mainly just liked unwrapping, he would unwrap a present vigorously, then toss it aside and grab the next present to unwrap it.


I believe this was Chandler's coolest present, besides the hat I got him from Peru.


YES ITS TRUE! There was a hidden present in the corner with a blanket over it. Obviously it was drums from Brooke, inspired by Aaron Im assumming.
MY pictures are terrible, I was too lazy to stand up be focused about this. I was too excited for Christmas.

Clearly this is the coolest drumset a kid could ever have, its not even one of those cheap kid ones either. ITs a cheap big kids one!!

Ammon really liked it. He was fascinated by the drums at all the football games my dad said. Maybe he will be an autistic genius on the drums? And make us all so rich. No that would be selfish of us...but it would be sweet.


To the right of the picture are butt sleds. You put them under your bum and hold onto the handle, very efficient, very small. I think Tanner said some potty humor here, thats why Ethan is laughing.
Now I believe this was his favorite present and all he wanted for Christmas, so I tried to be Santa and bought the NBA LIVE 2009. Due to Ammon shoving the 2008 in the Wii and ruining it..or something like that..powdered sugar involved? I cant remember. I asked Ethan what the difference between 2008 and 2009 was. He said, "The guys look different than each other and just arent all the same face." Well there you go. Its better.
Now Ethan must love Raman Noodles, because my grandma got him this and she said, "He always comes to my house just to eat these, then leaves, so at least now when he comes he can bring his own Raman."

I made this journal for her. I think she loved it.
She makes the beanie from Peru look good? Ya?
I may have posted more of shad opening but I have only one. I may have drooped into a state of unconsiousness (not a real word, but is a Brittany word) at this point. Sorry ShadRack. He does look good in the beanie I got from Peru.
I made this journal for her, you know she loved it.
I made this basketball for her. It took a lot of work, but it was worth it. No, jk I didnt.

Now you have seen the first half of our opening ceremony. Do you feel enriched? Well please be patient for these!

Um...also this first opening bit, it took us an hour and a half. Or more. Please tell me your Christmas experience of seeing what people got lasts for more than three hours. Ours does, except after Sally everyone left and nobody cared about the rest of the people. Well maybe the people, just not the present ceremony.

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Crystal said...

I love the Christmas morning story post! I'm itchin' for more, your family is so cute and amazing.