Friday, January 23, 2009

Mah. Mah. Mah. Mah.

Santa was good to us this year. Even though the onset of this new depression has caused him to lose a little weight. And shrink. He still gave our family lots of presents thank you Ian, I mean Santee Claus.

I guess maybe my writing/ blog posting has ceased for a few reasons.
#1 I am going to school and my classes are like kinda hard.
Note: not like they are hard, thats such a general boring statement. Its just now that I am in my 2nd semester of my major..they actually talk about what the reading is. They actually make you write papers on what you read. So you actually have to read. So I spend hours reading chapters, analyzing them by writing a paper, and then discussing them in class and trying to apply them to how I will be a better teacher. Now, I am never going to remember all of this junk for when I am a teacher, but!! I am going to save my books so I can use them as resources when I am a teacher. yes I have gotten to the point where I cant sell back my six trillion dollar books. Yes, its a marker in my life. One of those markers that are neon colored and bend and crack due to cars hitting them. Or like Brad..he knocks over cones. Different story. Sometimes I don't even think people read this, its probably better that way. I probably give out wayyyyyy too much information about myself, my family and other junk. Did you know people who speak spanish can't pronounce my name very well? It either sounds like this Br (rolled r) BreeeeeeetAnnie. Or like this Burnee. Yep, thats how they say it. When I tell them my name if I pronouce it with a spanish accent then it will sound like BreeeeetANNIE. But if I just say, Brittany like any English speaker would do, then they think my name is Burnee. I know in their heads they are a burt and ernie combo. Sweet. Burnee's parents liked sesame street. Awesome, she probably has a rubber duckie.


So I am going home today for Sally's SENIOR NIGHT!! Wahoooooooozzzoo. Taking my friend Brad with us. He is a good friend. Last night he put my bookcase together, something LANDON my other good friend/brother kept promising me he would do but just never did. Its like that one show. I cant even remember which one and its bugging me. I just called my mom. My mom said its Petticoat Junction. The lady is always naggin on uncle joe to do stuff and he says he will get around to it. Landon. JK. Haha. Good thing he doesnt read this. But we are going home, and its Brooke's Bday tommorow, and I hope I don't fall asleep when driving home.

So I think I'll finish Christmas for those lost souls whom I havent posted about yet. I know it may bore some of you, but just take a quick nap or something while scrolling to through the end. Maybe I'll have a surprise for you. Oh baby oh baby. Be prepared.
Landon got a new shirt..and other stuff. I got him a chess set from Peru. Which I hackled the lady down 3 soles, which I kinda felt bad about later...they have nothing..and I'm asking them to lower the price what would be a dollar to me and like 20 dollars to them. Im dumb.
Amanda got some cowgirl boots!! Wahoo for cowgirls. She also got a lot of stuff for her baby. I can't wait till I'm a mom and people get me stuff for my birthday for my kids. Is that how it is? Ya probably. Oh Ps She is due today. Pretty sure She isn't having it today though. I'll keep you posted.
Tanner. HE is married to amanda, and when she saw that he got her a camera she jumped him with lots of kisses. Sweet Love. I felt outta place. I wanted someone to just jump on me and kiss me to feel like I fit in.
I made Brooke this journal..she loved it of course. She still hasn't really written in it I dont think. Its okay...I know black is your favorite color..not red. I should have made it black and leather...not paper and red. My bad. Oh and she got some other nice things too. Maybe she will post about that next year in May by the time she catches up to Christmas...right now she is posting on her blog about July...HA! Ya she's behind.
Aaron..he got tons of great presents..including this car. Which all my little brothers got too.

So Christmas was awesome as you can see.

Mama got lots of presents. Summer and I got her this tree that hangs down picture frames and she is going to put all her grandkids on it. not the actual child but a FOTO of the child. Duh. So I bought that for her in like sept and put it in my trunk and forgot about it. So then I was like, shoot face I need a present for my mama, so I went and bought her another one, but thats okay. It all worked out okay in the end.
So my dad got this jacket, he loved it of course.
So my parentals make me. Sometimes thats wierd to think about. Combine Brian with Darla's genes and you get Brittany, and 15 others. Wow. Crazy how different we all look and act and are.
So Im glad Christmas was so bountiful this year. Bountious? Whatever.
Im glad Santa spent so much effort and he told me he loves coming to our house. It weighs the load off of his sleigh immensely. He was telling me this right when I snapped the picture.

Santa left pretty worn out. I think he dropped a few more pounds in the process. Ya he probably did, seeings how I ate ALL the cookies. They were so good though. Pretty sure Summer made them for santa. Suga cookies. Man.

OKay for the surprise of the century.
This guy here with me in the picture. He likes me. And I like him. And we date. Thats just a surprise. That I finally came around to posting on my blog.

He speaks Spanish. And he likes Sensuous Sandwich. Pretty much thats all you need to know in order to deem him as quality material.

Deepest apologies to all my stalkers who are in love with me, but struggle to find the courage to do more than look on my blog. Only do you have to realize that I am already dating someone.

JK. Pretty sure nobody looks at my blog except Friends and family. But that would be way sweet if I had this dashing stalker who was dashing but too scared to talk to me. Keep dreaming.



The Poulsens said...

About time you posted about 'Brad'! Poor guy probably has felt like he was invisible in your life!

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