Friday, January 30, 2009


Some updates.
1. Still in school. Believe it or not. Haven't dropped out yet.

2. Still in love with his face. (Brad Clark)

3. Still wishing I was here. (Standrod)
4. Still waiting to see this little gem. In Maryland. (Madelyn Grace Skinner, Niece)

5. Still trying to shoot like this. (Sally Hansen THE BALLER)

6. Still hoping to hug her. (Summer Robinson-sister)

7. Still begging to be photogenic like Molly. (Molly Skinner-location, Maryland, niece)

8. Still trying not to just give up. (Brad Clark)

9. Still dreaming I could float into a room that was covered with lilies on the wall, with vines reaching up as if they desired to overtake the ceiling and create their own paradise. After I float into this room all of my stresses would disapate and then I would fall asleep for ten days. :) (a picture of a lily which I love)

10. Still dying to hold these three. (Triplets in El Paso)

So I'm Still here. But Do not fret about my #8, I wont give up. I can't because if I give up what will I do then...nothing? Ha! No I won't give up.

Oh and if you don't look at my f-book. My sister in law Amanda had her baby.
Sophia Gloria Hansen
My brother Tanner and his new bebe!

I guess anyone who makes it this far down in my post and is still reading is to be considered worthy enough to know the details of my life.
A few things I am thinking this second.
I love Summer. (My sister, and the season, but more my sister)
I love un itchy skin.
I love not dry weather.
I love basketball.
I love weekends.
I love Fridays.
I love sleep.
I love chocolate.
I love truffles.
I love babies.
I love families.
I love my mama.
I love my dad.
I love my grandparents, both sets.
and if you made it this far boy I love you.



Crystal said...

If you ever find a room with those lilies, come get me.

The Skinners said...


I loved this post. It really made me happy. And I guess since you want to see both of my children I took that as you really want to see me too and that makes me happy.

love ya