Wednesday, January 7, 2009


If summer would just come to me. Not my sister...well her too. I took this pic in a restaurant in NM that I want all of you to come with me to.

See I told you I was there. You didn't believe me, and you shoooood have.

So..its true, school has started again. On the 5th to be exact. I have some amazing classes this semester. Once you get really into the deep of your major you gain great friends and establish great personal relationships with your classmates, and you rely on each other heavily for support and assistance. With that in mind, I have somethings to tell you computer unsavy people. Computers are today, computers are 90% of all my homework and learning. Computers are part of teaching, learning, gaining knowledge. If you don't use a computer in some way (cell phones count as computers) then you are sorely behind in this day and age. Not behind if you wanna stay in 1960. And thats fine. But all of my assignments for a class last semester had to be submitted via webcam, all of my assignments for two classes this semester have to be submitted via blog, thats right, blogs. Blog for our classroom, so we can look at what everyone else is submitting too, so we are learning about something, posting our knowledge and they are posting theirs..then we learn from theirs as well, much better than reading some out of date article you find on Eric. If you know what I mean.

Enough of my spill on technology, I need to put Christmas pictures up and im sure most of you will be bored of Christmas by the time I get them all posted. And I will lose a few readers due to you being so freakin sick of Christmas, but..hey thats okay, I love/loved Christmas this year. And yes I am against artificial trees. 100%. My sister Hannah is having a girl. Click here to learn more. So that is exciting. As many of you know, Tosha my sister, Amanda my sister in law (due in 16 days!), and Summer my sister, are all PREGO!! Yes thats true, lots of babies for the family. Mama, you are going to be a grandma 5 times this year! Wahoo. No I will not marry by march and have a baby by Dec so we can have 6 in 2009, sorry for all of you voting for that.

I personally would like to finish school seeing how I only have two semesters left after this one, and one of those semesters will be my student teaching. Mom says I can't go to Washington D.C. even though I really want to. Tears. She is afraid a first grader will shoot me there. They wont mom, I promise. We will see. Ha, no I will probably stay here and continue to live in Utah until my dashing prince charming decides to marry me and then I will move away while he becomes rich. THen I will never see any of you again. Im just kidding. Dont read too much into that.

In the meantime I will just wish I was in a warm ElPasoy Climate. Now keep in mind, I love El Paso weather, but not during the summer, too hot. Too hot! I took these pictures in October 2008, and this is actually New Mexico area. Right like 200 yards from El Paso and Mexico for that matter.

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