Friday, March 27, 2009

A creation.

Remember that time I made this?
That was fun to make, but really all it does is collect dust. What about something in which you can eat? Yes yes...try to guess what I made for Brad and I by this picture below.

I even produced it in Brad's kitchen. Crazy huh? SO crazy in there. THe garbage was ridiculous. I had to put it in two sacks. It was overflowing. As you can kinda see in the bottom right of the photo. There was a point when I asked Brad for something to stir it with. He looked at me like I was ridiculous. Absolutely appalled that I would expect something like that to be in his house. Oh great, this is going to be fun.So I made CNS. CnS was good. I made it all from scratch. In a huge deep deep pan. I'll include the recipe at the bottom. I mainly just threw stuff in and hoped it turned out okay. And I have to say..IT's the best CNS I have ever eaten. Ever. Better than any can of CNS better than anything my mom has made, sorry moma. So good. And im not even bragging. Try making CNS without a recipe. Please do not confuse CNS with CNN, totally different. Duh.

CNS. See the CHicken, see the Noodle, see the Soup (CNS). Brandon (Brad's fun, adorable, witty, artistic roommate started EMO dancing when he saw the soup, and I said "YOu can have some".

THis is what I like to call the windmill. (Above) Below I will call that the arms up and shake move. CNS does this to you.

Arms up and SHake.
Brad may want me to note here..that he just got outta the shower. Cuz he looks kinda wetish. He is not mangy gross all the time. Only some of the time. Okay I lied, mostly all the time. The other day he wore sweats to school. Who am I associating myself with? A professional? I think not. Brad...uh....did you say you wanted to be a doctor?? Oh...okay, maybe you should work on that professional aspect a bit and go to bed early and wake up early and wear slacks to school, instead of a soccer jersey from South America, and sweats, from Costco. Okay moving on. Back to CNS.

Look at it. How could you not want to eat this for left overs for weeks after. We did. And it was such a money saver. WOW. Normally Brad hates CNS. HE loved this. OR he did well pretending at least. Now you wanna know how I made it. I'll tell you.

First I threw like 9 pieces of chicken into the huge pot, they were mostly defrosted, but not really. I cut them in random sized pieces before.

They cooked for awhile, I used a fork to flip them. In the process I kinda shredded broke them apart. Sorta. This wasn't just happened. I put sea salt from costco on them.

As they were cooking (Ya i know, multi tasking) I cut up celery, carrots, mushrooms, green onions, and a normal large yellow cheap as dirt onion. I had like the whole thing of celery, 6 carrots, a whole container of mushrooms and a bundle of green onions. Ya, I totally didn't measure anything, just figured it would all work out in the end. It did.

Then...I threw in the onions with the chicken.

The rest was a blur. JK. I'll continue. Twisted some more sea salt on there.

Then I poured in 2 cups of water in which I had crushed up a Chicken Boullion cube and put in the microwave. Not real sure why I put it in the microwave, maybe just a reason to soften it? Who knows. I had no recipe, I just did this.

Let me clarify on the two cups of water. I just used a drinking glass. And I guess I put 1 cube per drinking glass. It was a tall one.

I wanted a lot of soup, so I just poured as much water in as I wanted soup. I put a total of like 7 cubes in probably. I can't remember. But I only put two in to start with.

Then I put the noodles in. Just linguine noodles from walmart, they are like 70 cents. (Don't worry, I had to spell check linguine).

Then I threw in the carrots, I let it get to a boil and I threw in the celery. (I threw hardest veggies in first).

Then at this point. I sat on the floor and cried because this was so easy.

Jk. I realized I needed it to be a bit thicker. So I mixed Corn starch and water. 1 cup. Threw it in. Remember this is one drinking cup.

I'm not a chef here. I just make delicious CNS, that's all you need to know really from this post.

That was conceited. Sorry.

Okay back to CNS.

At this point I realized it was okay to throw in the mushrooms. I did so.

It boiled for awhile longer. Then I just tasted it. Put in the costco MRs. Dash, Costco salt and pepper twisters. A lot. Let it boil more. Then put in the rest of the cubes with water. Then put in 2 more of the corn starch cups. At this point it was a delicious masterpiece.

I threw in the green onions which I had cut all the way down, even the white parts.

So...this was how I made CNS. I maybe got things out of order, but really it doesnt matter. Just use your best judgement. Totally make it. Feed you for months, and ...cheapest ever. Mushrooms were like a dollar, that was way expensive and probably made this meal a tiny bit better, so you could take those out.

If you need any advice about CNS. I'll give it to you.


Lots of carrots

lots of celery

lots of green and yellow onions

lots of noodles

lots of corn starch

lots of chicken

lots of mushrooms

lots of cubes chicken flavored

(remember, how ever much you make, will influence how much you need) Mine made like 50 servings. Not even kidding you.

Make CNS.

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kristi neil said...

wow, i am so impressed with your cooking skills. that looks amaizng!!

p.s. i am so glad i am sitting right next to you right now. thank goodness you are in this class with me!