Friday, March 20, 2009

Should I?

I'm debating something huge right now. Hair color. Right now it looks...blah. Kinda like in between. I haven't dyed it all over for...14 months. See this post I haven't highlighted it for... 11 months. Is it time? This was my first dye ever. My hair was so freakin healthy. So freakin healthy.

This was my next dye over 2 years later. A complete bleach. Im still paying for this one on the ends of my hair. I will NEVER dye my hair again. So healthy, to thin not healthy.

This is my hair now. YUck. Everyone tells me they love this natural look. BLahck. I need something. Should I highlight it? I think I will, its just a matter of time.

OH by the way. Brad had won this Mario Karts like for the trillionth time. I seriously just wanted to win once. Thats all I wanted. Don't worry I'll let you know when I win.

I'll make a big deal out of it when I do win. I'll send out a mass text like my friend Darcey does when anything at all happens. Like her husband makes good cookies. Mass text time.

Are you falling in love with him through my blog? Gosh, by now you should be. Look at that face. We were eating this asian style dinner, and we just got our food with our chops right from the pan in front of us on the table. I spilled sometimes.

Let's break down our relationship so all of you have this idea of how we get along. Brad never listens to me, and this picture is a perfect example. I told him to do a 'stoned' face. He just did his own thing. So now I'm the one who looks like she just watched Skeleton Key. (Just watched that by the way, freaked me out and I think about it every second of everyday, its been a week).

Next part of our relationship you need to understand. Brad dominates me. He didn't really want me in this picture, hence why I am getting smushed on my eye and he is in the center slowly pushing me out.

I really had to fight to be in this photo. Look at his face, he is so mad at me, he just wants a picture of himself. and he is so mad that he smushed my eye basically closed. I feel unloved.

After much bribing, one meal a day bribe, he allowed me to be in the picture. He didnt smushmy eye, and he acted pretty happy about it too. I just told him if he was always pushing me out then he would lose a lot of friends.
So we worked it out, now I dominate and don't listen to him.
JK. He does listen, always has and never dominates me. For those of you who worried.
Oh and should I dye my hair? Highlight it? I'm torn.

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Crystal said...

one white streak. just in the front. gofer it.