Thursday, March 26, 2009


This is me. Sometimes I have great artistic ideas. Like the time we went to flaming gorge. We stopped and ran up this hill. I said, oh lets all get in a line and I will set my camera up on a beer can which i found and self timer will work nicely. Remember this was in 08, when i wasn't very smart.
So the first picture went nice. Then I said, turn around all...
So we did it. And it was nice too.

Then when I thought my idea was perfect..this happened. Totally made it a different aspect of art.

Well they couldn't ruin this one.
this one is pretty flawless.

Sorry it took me a year to post flaming gorge pictures. I ruined one of my film cameras on this trip. Good thing I didn't take my nicer than nice camera. It would have ruined too.

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