Thursday, March 12, 2009

Do you guys remember?

So last year about this time..I actually messed up my eye. Or more like this girl on the opposing city league team messed up my eye.

This is what I wrote on April 27th, 2008 on this here blog.

"SO I was playing basketball and this girl decided elbowing me would be a good idea. Then my vessel in my eye decided it would be a even better idea to burst six days after I got elbowed. So, this little hematoma was formed...and it def. was a self evaluating moment. I had to make sure I had the confidence just to go out in public."

Now I think I was scared to write what was really going on. I mean if your eye looked like this...
People would question if you were normal.

I totally walked around campus and people would give me a few...oh my gosh looks, but mostly i got the quick glance from others, then the quick look away, then the quick glance back, then they would begin to speed walk away from me. Ya, I almost cried one day. Absolutely no positive attention. I mean my eye was swollen shut. I didnt even put make up on it for a week. But it slowly began to improve.

I woke up one morning and tried to convince Brooke and Tosha that it was getting better. They told me it wasn't.

But I tried to believe it was. Then probably a week later it looked better..Right?

Okay so I went through a few weeks of complete junk. People looking at me...and As I thought about city league bball starting again. I realized this is what happened last time I played.
Two weeks after it exploded. Three weeks after I got hit.

A month or more after the vein burst in class(six days after I got hit) while I was rubbing my eye.

Ya, I'll still play. And when that girl jumps on me and decides to put her elbow in my eye. I'll think twice about touching my eye six days later. :)

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