Friday, March 6, 2009

Babies. Babies.

My sister in law has a baby. Her name is Sophia. My little sister Faith calls her soapy.

See Amanda's blog for pictures of soapy. CLICK.

So we had a shower, after she was celebrate her birth.

Amanda got this pink blanket. Remi is coveting it in the background. THat is Sally's leg.

Yellow. Jaundis. We both just got out of the hospital. Not funny? Okay, it was the camera setting. Truth is..we dont have jaundis.

Shower Junkies.

Brittany. And Sophie. Um...Not me. Does that look like me? Okay, obviously it is not me. But yet, Amanda's sister Brittany.

Echo, and Mykah. Cousins.

Aunt Shelley and Baby Sophie. (Notice the head wrinkles on Sophie.)

Whoa! How did this get in there..he wasn't at the shower.

Actually...he did make an appearance. Um...if potentially we somehow had a child together...that child would be the cutest ever..with dimples. come on...I am not saying you have a baby face..Nor am I saying you have to marry me..I'm just saying..I'm saying you are strikingly HandSome. With...dimples. I just have these cheeks that bunch up at the corners of my mouth. WE could do without those.

Let me show you him again at a zoomed out view.
After his roommates made him change his shirt for the date...because he couldn't wear the same sweaty shirt that he wore to the BYU UTAH game. I didn't care. I don't shower for like 4 days.

I have a feeling.
I like him.
I like Brad Clark.

A Lot.
Back to reality. Day dreaming there for a second. As always when we get together we take a picture of all the sisters.
Left to right.
Brooke, Echo, Tosha, ME, Sal, Summer, and Faith.
One detail. Sister Hannah she lives in Maryland. That's why she isn't in this picture. But that doesn't mean she still isn't our sister.
I gave up on being good looking at this shower and changed into bball shorts and an oversized t-shirt. Which is kinda an unattractive secret about me.... I like big t-shirts. A lot. Almost as much as I like Brad. Whatever not even close.
I tried to make this post more user friendly. Not so long-winded. But I will have you know. Yesterday when I was trying to read my book in the lib. I heard a girl and her boyfriend...(I think it was her bf...she said I love you at the end. But she didnt really talk as though she loved him...)
Her and her bf were talking on the phone in the hallway, right outside the 'quiet zone' I looked at her probably 3 times. The 'oh hi, I noticed you so I looked over here look'. She kept on arguing with him about why she walked out on the group of friends while he was there. It wasn't because she didn't want to spend time with him. It was because she had to get out of that environment.
I then gave her the 'okay, here I am looking at you again after reading my book and not being able to focus on Hannah and the Holocaust. And okay, there are your eyes meeting mine, okay now do you know that you are driving me crazy?'
Then I continued to hear about how she didn't walk out because she didn't want to be with him, but he was a little rude that night.
I looked over at her again with the 'please stop talking on your cell phone right now' look.
Then I heard about how he never interprets her right. He always thinks she is being rude.
I decided not to look over at her. I decided to slide down in my sofa chair and throw down my arms to my sides. With my book in one hand. Way exaggerated. Like I was about to heave my entire body towards her and start punching her in the face.
That was probably too much information.
She kept talking. From 5:07pm to 5:58pm I heard about how she walked outside, and all the deeper meaning in her walking outside.
I then had read approximately 7 pages in 51 minutes. And flipped through, threw? whatever. Flipped through seven other books. Including a baby names book.
Hulga? No? Ya, I was desperate for something that grasped my attention.
After I read the meaning of 34 names, I decided I needed to move. I gathered up my I was walking out. She came walking towards me and grabbed my bag and hit me upside the head with it.
That was a lie.
She really just said goodbye to her bf. And said, 'love you' at the end. When really I know she hated him.
Thank you for letting me release the anger that welled up inside of me from 5pm to 9 am today.
Not that long.
Now I just got carried away up there.

I apologize.

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