Saturday, June 20, 2009

Creative. Be Creative. Be Brad.

Brad had a concert. I love his concerts. Im on the list. Brad is creative. He doesnt think so, but really...he is. He likes to sing to me while playing guitar. Sing songs of creativity. Don't tell him I told you that.
My friends Kim and Nicole (sisters) attended as well. They like Brad, and their friend is also in the band Imagine Dragons.
Brad plays the drums for every song but one. I love that song because he smiles during it and dances. Dances really cute like. Cute...can I say that about a guy on a blog? Or will someone get really offended that I call my almosta spouse cute? Regardless of how cheezy and stupid I am. He is cute when he plays the guitar for that one song.
I am pretty sure his concerts make me happy. Make me realize how wonderful my week away husband is.
For some odd reasons I can't get enough of him. I just stare at him through the view finder in my camera. While people are ducking to stay out of the way.
Little do they know that I am in love with him. I am marrying him. We are going to.......get married in 7 days.
I am sure that I will cry on the day I marry him in that Salt Lake Temple. I am pretty sure I loved my bridal shower recently. I took no pictures. I didn't press the button once. But I think somebody pressed the button on my camera. Ill check that out.

Marry me Bradley. And Kiss me too.

Sick Brittany, just marry Brad already then you can post about real things, like pizza.

And salsa.

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Tanner, Amanda and Sophie said...

Brit, you're weird but I love you! haha, also the last pic of you and Brad you both look so good. You're gorgeous and he's just so darn "cute"! hee hee.