Wednesday, June 10, 2009

His Party.

It was Brad's Birthday party. It was a surprise party. I told him we had to go weed at my aunt and uncles house in order to prepare for our wedding. We have done it before so it wasn't this huge deal to go do that. When we pulled up, I said, "Oh somebody must be having a party at the pool." He said, "Brit, whats going on, why is everyone I know here?" Then I said, "Its your birthday party." Then he grabbed my face and kissed me, because my windows are tinted and we can do that. Oh did I say my windows are tinted, that was a lie. They are black. Nobody sees in, and we barely see out.

Regardless the party was awesome and Brad was COMPLETELY surprised. A feat I never thought I could accomplish. Although he didn't know I would get him a homemade paper chain for his I guess I am capable of surprising.

Brad looks like he was about to do a belly flop. A birthday belly flop. A belly flop of love. Except then he dove. So.....nevermind on the belly flop.
I am pretty sure Brad's freckles are what convinced me to marry him. Just when I saw him swimming...I was like, wow I need to marry him because of those freckles. Then my kids will have those freckles. Hopefully maintained freckles.
From far away you cant really tell that he has freckles. Maybe I should drop the freckle topic and talk about his friends. They like him. He is cool to them. Except he started never hanging out with them. This is a sensitive subject, maybe I should stay away from it on my blog.
This is the beginning of a great synchronized dive.
Synchronize no more.
Benny, met him that night. He was a great jumper.
Friends of Brad's.
The cake. The cake of raspberry. The cake that took a long time to make. The cake that was good.
Rocky took control of the grill. We had steaks, pork, (swine flu, jk you cant get swine flu from eating pork, i read that from the Daily Universe, which is accurate), and hamburgers and hot dogs.
Brad and his mission buddy. His mission buddy forgot his swimwear and lived in Orem, so naturally he was going to borrow Brad's shorts, which were white and very see through. This was quite entertaining for all of us. He walked around holding his hands over himself, but when he went to dive, he stopped holding his hands over for coverage. Thats when we saw ....we saw everything.

I get married to his face in 17 days.

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