Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 15.

I tried to blog yesterday, but nothing came out of my fingers when I went to type. Nothing. I have 15 days left until I am no longer 'engaged'. I will then be Married Brittany. "OH hey, did you know Brittany is MARRIED?" Wow that will be crazy. Last night I had a dream that Brad didn't even exist. I wasn't even engaged. And I would talk about only having 15 days left and people would say...What? Till what? Then I would say, till I get married...then they would say...huh? You are getting married. IT was bad. Bad enough to make me think in my sleep, where is Brad? Please don't not be real. (Double negative, sorry). But he is real. He is very real, and today we are going to Red Robin to get his birthday burger. We have already got his birthday coldstone ice cream, he already ate his tucanos birthday meal, now we just have to go to red robin. Good thing we didn't do it all at once. That would have been a food overload. Sometimes I just like a granola bar. Just a granola bar. But while we are on the topic of delicious wonderful food that you get for free because its your birthday, what about the food I make for him. For his face?

Yes he likes it. He likes it a lot. Most likely he will hate this picture. Hate how he looks. But I could take a picture of him with his face the ugliest ever and I would think it was gorgeous. I may be biased. Ya, a lot. But still, he looks great. And Im wearing a red shirt today.

So I mixed up these barbecue chicken salads, they are sitting on the mouse microwave. Thats what I call the microwave his work gave us, because he wiped all this mouse poop off of it, and I told him we were moving. Moving if there was real mice in our apartment that I live in with his sister right now. MOVING TO NOMICELAND. But then as I was crouched up on the table almost to tears he reassured me that there was no mice in our apartment. I kept yelling, WE ARE MOVING!!! He kept saying, I wiped it off the microwave, I promise. "DO YOU PROMISE!!?!?!?!!?!??!?!"-Brittany, "Yes!"-Brad So thats the short version of why I call it the mouse microwave. Oh and that smaller salad, thats mine, because I want my dress to still fit me in 15 days. Brad, has no dress to fit him.
I always take pictures of Brad, and my food. Its a creepy weird thing I know. But its like, ya Im well pleased with my food, OH Brad come step over here, Im well pleased with you too. Get together both of you and I'll take a picture of the things Im well pleased in.

So this is the lemon pasta that I made that I got from this website.

She makes a good lemon pasta. Mine I added lemon pepper chicken.

And lots of cheese.

It was equally beautiful and wonderful. Maybe my lighting and camera and everything else is terrible. But, the taste is very much wonderful.

Oh wedding. Its coming. I need to clean my dress. I need to get bridals??? When are those going to happen? No idea... None. Not one idea.

I called a dry cleaning place, they quoted me 200. I called another place they quoted 75. Who are these people trying to make money off of a poor student bride.

Oh I got pulled over yesterday for the first time.
I also got a parking ticket last week.

Brad also got pulled over last week for the first time.

What is wrong with us?

Brad don't get mad at me for telling everyone about our tickets and how we have to go to the courthouse together to pay them a week before we get married.

A perfect way to start our life together.

Now I just have to marry him.

Which means we need to get a fifty dollar license to be married.


They like our money.

My bridal shower is next week.

If you didn't get an invite and should have. Tell me in an angry blog comment.


Robin said...

I didn't get invited and this is my angry blog comment!! Ha. I live to far away and probably won't be able to make it unless it is thursday or friday when we will be up there! Yea! I can't wait to see everyone! I really am kidding about being angry!!

Have fun being engaged for a few more days, it truly is bliss!Just soak it all in!!

Robin said...

Ha, I just checked my mail and there was my invitation. It takes a while for the pony express to get here.

Crystal said...

CAN YOU GUYS PLEASE JUST GET MARRIED ALREADY!?!?! ;) Also, you should have my friend Suzy do your pics, she is amazaZING! She is so good and so down to earth and wants everyone to have perfect pictures.

Janna said...

I am so excited for you and Brad. I always love reading your posts. where did you find those yummy recipes?? Where are you getting married at?

Brittany said...

Salt Lake City Temple. If you click on the word website on that post it will show you. I had no recipe for the salad, I just used what i had and mixed barbecue sauce and ranch for the dressing. And made barbecue chicken as a topper. Yum.