Friday, June 5, 2009

What does a newborn look like?

I went to Maryland. If you know me, you knew that. If you read my blog, you still know that. Regardless, my sister Hannah USED to live there. But that was so last week. She now lives in AZ. We went to help her, see the sights, and participate in holding this newborn thing she now has.

You can look at pictures all the day long. But really, holding this little body in your hands, would make any baby babies. Especially this one. Halle Jay Skinner. I almost wrote Sinner....that would have been an embarrassing disgusting mistake. Because as we all know she is completely free of those things. Im off topic. Lets get back on topic. Topic with the UCord sticking out of her belly. Proof she is a newborn. Proof she is new to this earth and likes her mama.

Madelyn has a baby sister. Two baby sisters. Maddie was our entertainment for the weekend. You know how I said, "see the sights" that was a lie, we just watched, sing, conduct my singing. Which was terrifying. Especially when I got the lyrics wrong. You know I have musical problems when I get the lyrics wrong to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Sorry Brad. Sorry I have no musical talent. Sorry. Sorry. Our children will have......long hair though, cuz i have long good right? That makes up for my lack of musical ability right?

"Uh, no."-Brad. "Wait, I'm marrying you?" "Remind me why again....."-Brad

Because we have lots of benefits from all the family members I have...benefits like........lots of foods to choose from at parties, free other stuff. Other benefits too like I will vaccum cus you just hate it. Who says cuz with an s? Not me. Forget that happened.

Brad and I maintainted our relationship while I was in Maryland. Don't you guys worry about that. I texted (see above picture with phone on baby's belly) him. We stayed in contact. Don't you worry. I know you were worried.

I held a baby Molly. Molly held a baby Halle. Halle is a baby.

Shuck Shuck SHucky Shucky. Hannah sorta kinda got mad at me for shucking. Shucking all over her couch. Leaving corn hairs all over. Then I cleaned and she wasn't mad anymore. Hannah sorry if you hate that your back is showing..but I thought it was okay, because you had a baby a week ago, and your back looks great.

This was a week of dress up. Dress up as much as you can. Dress dress dress.

Molly frequently tried to escape. Currently she is pretending the real estate access is a bomb she is deactivating. IS that what you call it when you make a bomb not work anymore. You can see that I am an Education major..........not a bomb major. Well...I should still know that word, but I cant find it in my brain bank right now.

Newborns, among other species like to kiss. I am an adult species and I like to kiss.

But only his face.

Oh. Back to Maryland. Bradley...welcome to my blog post which is not supposed to be about you, but somehow you always make it in. Yo quiero basarte.

Halle hates it when I always text and talk about Brad.
Whoever took this picture was not caring for her needs. Jerks.
It may or may not have been me....whooops a daisies. Sorry Halle. I love your newborn self, I do.
My cousins came over because they live in Maryland too. They brought their children with them. Maddie encouraged her to dress up. So here we have Carebear with rainbow on belly and fish named Nemo. With fins and eyes on top of head.

My favorite thing about Maryland is tea parties. Like the Boston Tea Party.

Molly. Molly and her doll face. With her dad who is my brother in law married to my sister Hannah.

Jared is my cousin. He spins his daughter, because she is a dancer. A beautiful dancer.

You wanted to see a newborn. And trust me. She is gorgeous. So gorgeous that I put this little ballet skirt on her naked newborn body and hoped she didn't pee. And she didn't. But...really isn't it time we all get a newborn?
Okay fine.

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