Thursday, May 27, 2010

Some people hate em..

So some people love using their camera phone for every picture they ever take. Now that's fine if that's all you have.

But I have a nice big camera you know that I carry to events like weddings, birthdays, showers, gross you know what kind of showers I was talking about, I don't take pictures of people in showers...duh.

But I don't take my camera to school usually, unless you remember THIS post when I did that thing of taking my camera to school.

Anyway, the point is, I have always shirked from taking phone pictures...gahhh they turn out blurry and ugly and whats the point, id rather not even have a picture. But then I realize I wouldn't have pictures of the greatest things because I would not have had my camera phone.

Some people hate them. But today, I love them.
And I have started realizing how cool they are, I can catch glimpses of things I never would have caught glimpses of. For example, today when I was walking by the tennis courts on campus. I picked these lilacs from the tree/bush. Then I thought, oh my gosh in the police beat the other day it said that a kid was cited for picking flowers, because they aren't his, but why would Byu not want to share these with me and my kitchen table.
I took this picture after I had picked them and I was walking away, looking over both shoulders hoping no police officer on his bike would stop me and say, "Put the flowers on the ground, and nobody gets hurt."

Lucky me, they are now in a vahhhse on my kitchen table. That's vase in french ps.

Then I got home and I was feeling ultra spontaneous, so I decided to make Brad dinner since I had to go to work from 4-9 tonight, and I haven't made him an actual dinner in like 2 weeks. Pathetic I know. But I am working more than usual...and trying to get an A in this statistics class that I am taking because I wanted to still work on campus. Anyway, I'm getting an A! After two tests and 20 assignments, I still have an A! Let's hope that continues to the end!

So I started making him dinner, and I thought, I want to make my udon noodles and Brad hates them, I mean despises them. One time I made them like a noodle egg onion bean sprouts chicken combo and he took one bite of the chicken then pushed it away and didn't eat another. That's the only meal I have failed on...well I didn't even fail, he just hates noodles. He would rather eat buckets full of flavorless rice, but whatever Brad.

So he wasn't home today at lunchtime, so I made those noodles just how I wanted them, and I made him dinner and put it in the fridge on a plate so he can eat it when he gets home, but I gorged myself on those noodles. And the point of this? I used my cell phone to take a picture. Which was smart, cuz then I could send it to Brad and tease him that that was his dinner. And, because it would have been way too much effort to walk into the messy disaster room and get my camera and take a picture of this. And I got to use my wok from Ikea for the first time in the world.

So the quality doesn't rock your world, but it isn't supposed to, its a perfectly good picture of what was happening, and its obvious I took it on the fly. But look at how great, Brad can think he is eating this, and I can drool over it as I cook it and then I can sit in front of the TV on our nice cozy couch and eat it. Then I can put the left overs in the fridge for me to eat on the fly sometime later.

So he got homemade fried chicken. Well its waiting for him in the fridge when he gets done in his lab work. You know the norm, getting DNA samples from mouses' ears. Then killing the ones they don't need. It's quite adorable actually.

I hate mice.

But anyway my point is... Don't be afraid to take phone pictures every once in awhile. Although they don't seem beautiful they will be beautiful later. I promise.

Did you want the recipe for my favorite food in the world?

Oh okay, I made it up.

Udon noodles. Simmer them to your own perfection. While they are simmering throw in chicken (raw cut to your desire) into the wok, cook for awhile, throw some teriyaki sauce on them, then throw in whatever kind of onions you want, or dont want. You could also throw in shredded carrots at about right here. Then throw in some peas frozen or not, then crack an egg in there, then you could put in bean sprouts (my personal fav, but I didn't have any at the time), then throw in some soy sauce, like 3 tablespoons, or three packets from your favorite downtown Chinese restaurant.
My recipes are really precise and perfect. Joke.


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Scott Dodds said...

I love reading your posts because I think you're so freakin hilarious. :-) And those noodles look dang good! I've never heard of or made udon noodles. Where do you get them from? Looks like a fun thing I need to try!!

As for BYU police beat on a kid with flowers...that's probably the lamest thing I've ever heard. In fact, it's so lame and so ridiculous it makes me wanna throw up a little. Don't those "police men" have something better to do with their lives than rob a young lad of taking some flowers home to his sweet lassie? Ugh.
p.s. by karissa, not scott.