Monday, September 26, 2011

Home town feel

I know you all think you have the most beautiful family, location and home...But that is where I have to show you some pictures to have you rethink your prior feelings.

You may move to Standrod.
Standrod is a place where the sky goes on forever. At night the stars are brighter than car lights, and the moon is screaming for people to just look at it. The mountains are green and majestic. No human or animal could feel uneasy in this place. And it just so happens, that some people stopped by and caught the beauty.

My parents have this very breathtaking garden. Not the small lot you see in someone's backyard, but yet....this garden that could feed a small village.

I spent a few hours picking corn, carrots, squash, zucchini, cucumbers, beans, all sorts of peppers, herbs, and cabbage the last time I was there. During this time, Brad, Aaron and my little brothers spent their time seeing who could clear the squash plants by jumping over them. (No squash were hurt during this time, I know you plant-activists were worried). If my family's yard doesn't make you happy, stop reading now, because its about to get worse.
My sister Faith thinks she owns the garden. She will roam around the whole time you are there talking about all the vegetables like she knows everything. You can pretend like you know nothing, and she will tell you the names of everything and what it is good with (butter, cheese, salt, pepper) or not good at all, "those are peppers, they are yucky, psllhhhhhh." As she blows her tongue out and spit goes everywhere.

I think what kills me is all the different shades of green. Its not just one color, its every color of green. Fall is coming so the surrounding areas are turning shades of yellow, orange and brown. I love this picture because it shows the vastness of the garden. My mom and Faith look like specks against the superior plants. How can anyone get more home grown than this??
Good thing my parents planted Pea plants, otherwise Faith would be starving. She told me, "Come get some Peas!" I said, "WHAT! I don't want to eat Pee!!" She looked at me and said calmly, "Brittany they are not pee in the toilet they are green peas that you eat!!!" I said, "Oh like the letter P!" She said, "NO! Just come and look." Then she went on to explain how to pull them off the plant, "Just like this," She kept saying. I acted fascinated and bewildered as she pulled a pea pod off and proceeded to open it and show me the mini peas hooked to the inside of the pod. "Oh so wonderful," I kept saying, pretending this was the newest and most interesting thing I had ever seen.

If you want solace, peace, and beauty, come to Standrod and make sure you stay outside, because inside is absolutely chaos and terror with all those kids running around.


Sally said...

I love that Faith's letting her "bra" strap hang out. Haha

Melissa said...

that is SO beautiful ! Your sister Faith is a doll. ok, so what do your parents do with all the produce from that HUGE garden ?!

Natalie said...

You do live in the most beautiful place. I loved going out there for your wedding reception. Plus, faith is so gorgeous. :)