Thursday, September 29, 2011


As you may know. ... Brad is applying to medical school. For all I know, they check his wife's blog to see if we are normal, and as you may know...we aren't really that normal.
This is the picture of Brad I took for his medical applications.
As you can see he looks handsome and wonderful....
what you don't know is that he only has underwear on below.
I think that makes him more likable, more well rounded, and just funny. I wish I would have taken a full body for memories...but I don't think I will.
Brad and I scrambled for many months trying to fill out the applications, save money for traveling and applications, and then it was on to secondary applications. So now we are watching man vs. food columbus, ohio. We had to watch this specific one. We had to completely do everything around this 9:00 episode.
That's because he is going there on Halloween Day. To interview at Ohio State. Is he worried about the interview??? Not really, is he worried about if he can hit up all the man vs. food places???
(Exaggeration is part of who I am so.....take these previous comments as you will)

Also, I am just teaching away again, 2nd year is 50 times lighter stress than your 1st year, but its still stress collapsing. But it works out, I still manage to cook dinner at night and then collapse and think about doing the dishes. (Brad and I made a deal to not eat out once this week, except Sat we are going to celebrate by going to awful waffle)

Okay, last week Brad's mom got married, it wasn't a big thing but I thought she should have a bouquet so I put this one together from costco flowers, and a few button was simple but purple and that was the color she needed, so we did it! In our bedroom we sleep with the FAN at ALL times. Also, we have no power in our room so we extension cord everything in from the living room. Fire hazard, I think so.
We are busy, but still living in Provo and having a blast. Yesterday Brad and I went on a run and I have this handy dandy headphone microphone thing that I can talk on my phone hands free, (I realize this isn't that cool, but I love it) and I talked to my mom on the entire run, which was great because she can tell stories, and I can listen and say exasperated, "uh huh, uh huh".
Welp, this is an update. And I am meeting my goal of posting everyday. For my journaling (not a word, but I just made it a word) sake, and for viewers like you.


Natalie said...

Hahaha I love all of this. I love that he's worried about the food. Great great great.
I should be in bed. But thanks for putting up entertaining things so I can laugh before I sleep. :)
You're adorable.

Go Brad!! Good luck!

Robnz Fam said...

Hey Hey! We are in Colombo OH! If you come out here to look around, or need a contact for housing or anything, let us know! You are welcome here anytime!