Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Moments like these...

Sometimes I think about the small things I should appreciate. The small beauty. The small parts of life that I love. The parts of teaching that make you think that I should be a teacher. The things that are so cute and cuddly you want to squeeze their cheeks.

I want to show you this person's face. I know you know its a girl. She is in my class. There is just legalities that prevent me from showing you the entire picture. I guess I could, but I just want to keep this little one safe. But, do know that she is adorable, and this drawing exploits straight happiness from me. When I saw it I had to document it. All these drawings are from her own head. And how is she so cute. She likes all of those things. And I love her.

I hope this picture exploits only happiness from you.

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