Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Simple Things

One simple thing can make your day. Or break it. One unkind sentence can shatter your week, or even your 2 weeks. Or one simple nice sentence can make your entire week, or 2 weeks. I would rather be the person that made your week. Not shattered it. Be thinking about that. Be thinking about how someone has complimented you. Someone you didn't expect. Like when I wore my knew tights/pants yesterday, and someone told me I looked so good in them.....How did that make me feel? Instead of chubby and large, I felt in charge of myself and happy.

So today, a parent and student from last year brought me this bracelet. That they bought for me. Number 1, its adorable. Number 2, I wore it all day. Number 3, it made me feel special, like someone outside of family thought of me for a second outside of school. Thought of me, more than just oh she's my teacher, but how about let's buy or make her something oriented around the things she does.

So forever in my mind this bracelet will remind me of how something can make or break your day, or when your day is already broken, it can repair it, and make it all better again.

Food for thought.
Brittany Noodle Soup for the day.
A spoonful of sugar.
I'll stop.

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Natalie said...

Awwwwww. The joys of being a teacher. :) Love it.
I got a jar of jelly beans last year; it made my life.