Friday, September 30, 2011

Fun with Gingerbread

This is my face while being 'sly' (vocab word describing the fox when he eats the gingerbread man) and hiding the gingerbread man in my classroom. You see we walk down to the lunch lady's lunchroom and she takes us on a tour and then she opens the oven when it buzzes and HES NOT THERE!!! Its so enthralling and exciting for us. We might even let out some screams with our gasps. And some may say, 'HE GOT ALIVE!' Or, 'the story is true!!!'We were all set up back in the classroom to eat him, we had our napkins out and everything. WHERE COULD HE BE!!? So we are so quiet when we walk back to the classroom just in case he is somewhere in the halls and we can sneak up on him. (Quietest my kids will ever be in their entire lives). Then we go back the the classroom. I make them do work in agony while they are thinking of ways to trap him.
'Let's put a fake gingerbread friend in this box, then when he jumps in I'll slam the lid down and we will have him!!!'
'I'll build a gingerbread house, then he will think it is his home, then we will EAT him.'
Then I find a note from him (surprisingly in my handwriting) where he gives a clue as to where he is....and then, someone finds him. Today he was in a pan hiding on top of the cupboards. They tell me to SHHH because we don't want to wake him. Then when I got close to him, they were all screaming and had their hands over their mouths, jumping up and down. And low and behold here is the sugar overload!!!!

I have to make it completely covered in candy, so that every who gets a piece gets candy, its a management thing.
I also know that his arms are way too long in proportion to his body, but the fact that he is on the pan is a miracle alone. I wanted a cookie substance, not a cake substance, because cake would be unshapable, (Not a word, but I just made it one) due to its runniness. (Not a word, but I just made it one) So I was supposed to put 1/4 cup of water, I accidentally followed the cake recipe and put it 1 and 1/4 cup of I had to add 5 extra cups of flour, and 2 cups of sugar, and so the ginger was quite subdued. I didn't want to go to the store at 10:00PM night before, so they got a cakey, and long armed result, and like I said I had to make 2...
That story could have been condensed into one sentence...oh well.
Anyway, it was a fun day, full of excitement and energy. And on days like this I feel empty of energy due to me being in a room with 23 high sugared energized 5 year olds, and 1 or 2 six year olds :)

Oh that reminds me....have you seen my room? Last year I was just overwhelmed and couldn't even think straight. So I'll give you a partial tour.
It's hip right? Oh good because that was my biggest concern....Not really :) I'm just surviving in 1/2 the size of a classroom that a Kindergarten should be :) No I love it, and have come to appreciate it, and its smallness, and windowless ways. (Smallness, and windowless are BOTH words! Yay!)
See that baby on the wall.....??? That is a promethean board, and I love it!!! Its like an ipad on the wall. Best description. Well Brad and I just finished watching the most awesome BYU football game, and now because its Friday night and we are celebrating him taking a final and getting a 100........when his text to me was, "Here I go! Its kind of exciting to be unprepared:)"
Truly, I don't even worry about him anymore. Its a good thing though, I have deleted that one stresser from my life (Stresser isn't a word, but I just made it one)
And my fav thing to do with Brad when we have nothing in the morning is to watch a show in our bed on our laptop.
On the top fav things to do, its probably number 3. I'll let you decide the rest.

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Natalie said...

(deal, in response to your last comment on my blog)
Woah! Awesome room! It looks so fun just like a kindergarten room should look! You sound like such a fun teacher, what with gingerbread men and all.
Awesome and fun. The 2 words for this comment.