Friday, July 13, 2012

Celebrating July

Of course the 4th of July was celebrated in our family.
I work at the Hokulia Shave Ice Shack....
The owners are my friends, and I have a fun time not totally getting so bored over the summer, so it works out nicely..I love it! So on 4th of July I worked 11-4PM.
Then Brad picked me up and we were going to walk around the freedom festival but we were so hot and I have no heat regulation I swear, I just swell up like a balloon and need an ice pack on my neck to even feel remotely okay....
So we didn't, we went home and slept.
Then we went to the Clark family bbq. I have so many connections with Brad's family (outside of Brad) its crazy, but we won't get into those.
Then we parked and walked a mile or two to the STADIUM OF FIRE!!!
Brad really really wanted to see the beach we dropped the cash and got some tickets.

Oh and Brad's mom took him to the stadium of fire back in 1992 when the Beach Boys Performed!!!!

And upon discussing this with my mom, she took me back in 1992 to the Stadium of Fire when the Beach Boys Performed!!!!

What if I sat by Brad when I was 4?
Crazy to think about. We crushed on each other way back when.......

Now this pic is pretty good, providing we were sitting.......
Really FAR away.

But the sound quality was great and we could hear SO well....
Chels and Alex came with us.

We had such a good time.
I was a bit claustrophobic at times, and I finally couldn't handle it anymore, all I could think about was ice and water, and I didn't have either. The beach boys were singing and the waves on the screen were all I could think about, just putting my swollen hot feet in there. So finally I broke down when everyone was standing up dancing to Barbara Ann and I said, "I am going to just go pay 4 freakin dollars for a cup of ice, Be RIGHT BACK!
And that my friends, was the best decision of my life.
Why I didn't do that an hour earlier...I DO not know.

My camera has a firework setting.

I thought it did a pretty good job.

At this point I enjoyed the show as I chomped a HUGE cup of ice.

I was a tad disappointed they didn't do a military thing this year. :(

Happy Fourth of July America.
I am so thankful for my freedom, and that I got to see the Beach Boys (again) before they die ;)

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