Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Welcome to your Life...

We made it. We are here. Lubbock Texas. It started with me spending so much time packing. I mean days upon days. I had a yard sale, got rid of all the uneccessaries. (That's not a word PS)
I mean I don't know how many of you have been pregnant, but my energy level is just not there.
I mean I feel like I pack 4 boxes then I need a cheese stick. Then I pack one box after that and I need a nap. Then I just need to sit down. My dreams right now are me looking in the mirror with a flat belly and a baby in my arms. 
I know the baby is coming no matter what, and I am so happy about him, I watch birthing videos and just cry, but I don't think that flat belly will come back for awhile, but that's a goal.
We picked up the moving truck and Brad and Chels loaded mostly everything! Then the next day Brad loaded the rest by himself, except I did tag team lift some things with him....I never knew the back pain capabilities until Baby M grew to be about 4 pounds.
We packed the truck for 2 days...

Poor Brad was always dripping in sweat. Then Landon came Friday night.
I am so lucky to have him in my life. He seriously would do anything for me. My relationship with him is rock solid, he is one of my very best friends, and has my back no matter what. He is an amazing sibling, and we are so close and I love him!
He went through the ringer with us.
We tried to get the Passat on the truck dolly. Oh my gosh. It was a nightmare. It wasn't going on because it would rip the bumper off if we did just plow it on there. So after trying different things for a few hours, then talking to Budget to see if they could get us a trailer, (they couldn't) so we decided okay we can put the Honda on it, then Landon my brilliant problem solver brother put it on a hill and waaaalaaa!! It went on without a problem. 
We then were only 3 hours behind schedule.
We had to drive 7 hours to our hotel that night. 
We drove to Farmington, found our hotel and crashed at 2:30 AM.
Before we got there we had a few adventures.
Landon drove the moving truck with the Passat hooked and Brad drove the Honda Accord. 
Landon pulled over somewhere because he had to pee and there was no gas station in sight. And me, I always have to pee so of course I decided it was emergency too. I had been riding with Landon, and was going to switch to ride with Brad now.
I sat my phone and pillow on the top of the Honda while I peed in the bushes on the side of the road.
(If you remember I'm a farm girl, so this is normal and I do it all the time, just did it a few weeks ago when Brad and I went shooting guns. Its normal.)
Then I came back and grabbed my pillow but did not grab my phone.
When we started driving again I thought, "Oh where is my phone, but I didn't stress, I knew it was somewhere in the car." Little did I know it was on the car.
We were up to full speed at that point, then I saw something hit the windshield and fly off, and thats when my heart sank down to my hips.
I said to Brad calmly, "I think that was my phone."
He moaned and said, "Really Brit?"
Ha!! We turned around and drove looking for it, I said, Ok thats far enough then he flipped around and first I saw the rubber case, I jumped out trying to hurry if there were cars coming. I couldn't see anything!! I found the case, my byu id which i keep in the back of my phone, the outer shell of the phone, the front glass part of the phone, and the battery all spread about 10 feet from each other.
Glass front didnt have a scratch on it! The corners of my case had a few scuffs.
It was complete divine intervention. Brad was sure it was ruined, BLESSED! 
Put it all back together and it worked perfect.

We drove the rest of the way Saturday all day, and only made a few stops to get fuel in the moving truck (there goes our savings). We arrived at the apartment ready to unload only to find it 90 degrees in the apartment at 10 PM.
The neighbors were on our porch smoking and drinking, and we asked them for help, Antonio was super nice and tried to turn on the AC, Landon looked and tried to problem solve. Numerous calls to dad trying to fix it. The office we rent from was closed. We couldn't sleep in 90 degrees, let alone unload the truck. I decided our fastest solution was to buy a window AC unit at Walmart.
So we did, and Landon Brad and I locked ourselves in one room, Brad pretty much slept with his Berretta because he is always worried about safety and just because he has his hand gun and concealed, he has to use it fully! Brad Landon and I all slept in the same room, and loved the AC.
Sunday the AC guy came and fixed it. I couldn't even go anywhere but the bedroom it was seriously so horribly muggy. 
Sunday Landon and Brad unloaded, set up washer and dryer, watched olympics, and did all the heavy lifting. Monday Landon flew out :( and he was my last piece of home, so of course I cried. I am so grateful to him for doing everything for us. He is the epitome of service.

He serves those who speak ill of him. He serves anyone and has the best attitude. What an example to all of us. 

Lubbock, Texas is my home now. I can't show you those adorable house pictures yet because the olympics is on, and my unpacking rate is 1 box every 9 hours.

Our last day in Provo we attended the Band of Horses concert. Brad LOVES them, and that means I love them too!

My main goal was to not get the baby high from all the pot smokin around us.

The baby heard! He was kickin and rollin the entire time!

We loved the music, our last day, Chel and Alex for the tickets, and the people there! Such a hoot.
It was a great last day.
I am excited for our new life, and tomorrow is our orientation day where Brad and I get to know what we are in for! I am so grateful for the family that has been there for us. I am so grateful for our lifelong friends that have been there for us. We will miss Utah but are so glad for this new chapter and we know it will only bring our little family closer together. Now to find an OBGYN and get Baby M in our arms!
6 weeks left. And I'm not counting!

Hello Baby M!

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I love you guys! So funny...haha great post. These need to be coming so I feel like I still know you!