Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Brad and I have been married three years......
June 27, 2009 is when we tied the knot.
Brad's brother Mike decided to get married 3 days after St. George.
We didn't want to miss the wedding so we hung out in Vegas for our first few nights of honeymoonin.
Little did we know we would like the hotel life.
So we go back every year just to get away and eat at restaurants and swim and be happy.
Did we really get crazy?
We went swimming everyday. Brad can't handle the heat and I applied sunscreen to his body like 8 times in the 4 hours we were out there. Silly freckle face.

After our first swimming adventure we walked to one of our FAV Vegas eating areas.
Hash House A go go
Where your plate is a platter.

We went there twice with our coupons. I got the same thing twice.
18ounce Ribeye Steak
Did I eat all of the steak twice.
Yes I did. 
MEat is one thing I can absolutely eat SO much of. But I didn't eat hardly any veggies or anything else on the plate. I'm a farm girl YA'll!!!!
Did you know I watched cows get shot, hung up on a crank and skinned and cleaned right in my front yard for my entire life?
Then I watched my freezer become full with those white paper wrapped meat packages.
Then I ate steak for freakin Breakfast!!
Meat. Love it. Sorry all you veggie lovers!
(Disclaimer: I do eat other things besides meat)

But watch out because steak is one of my favorite foods right up there with Pot Roast, T-bone and Jerky. 

Brad LOVES vegas. But we didn't visit any buffets. He did get a little bugged at me having to eat all the time because in our past Vegas trips we eat one meal a day and its a huge one. But Sorry honey, I'll puke if I don't eat, just like I did yesterday when I told you I couldn't cuddle in bed anymore I had to get up to eat something right then, but you said I was fine, then I went into the kitchen and tried to hurry and put cereal in my mouth but instead I puked 8 times all my stomach acid into the trash can which smells bad and makes me puke more. 
Maybe you will believe me next time you wanna cuddle all morning :)

Can you imagine THIS at the pool???????
It was there in all it's beauty. I only got 15 weird looks/hour.

Everything is rounder. Boobs, Belly, Butt.
I tried to tell someone my butt looked big, but then I looked at it, and it was pretty not big, maybe by big I mean wider? I'm not sure.

I am so HAPPY to be HAPPY and married to the best man in the universe. 
Let's give some examples of why I love Brad THIS week (or this moment, I have new reasons all the time)
(THIS IS MY FAVorite Pic of him)

(I found this video and I LOVE it! It was at our Christmas talent show, lil sister Faith and niece Maddie are the dancers Brad and sister Sally vocals.)
  • Brad loves sports and gets SO excited about anything to do with sports activities.
  • He thought his new mitt was in the mail yesterday and he JUMPEd up and down clapping and smiling with those dimples killing me. I hated to tell him it wasn't his mitt, but yet the bags to ship all our baby wraps from selling 75 on Groopdealz! He was sad.
  • He folds laundry while he watches baseball on TV without complaining.
  • He is so handsome all the time.
  • He has this wispy hair that drives me crazy of how sexy it is. (Sorry you signed up for this by reading this far down)
  • He has freckles. (This will always and forever be a reason)
  • He plays all these instruments and when he is grumpy he just goes and plays his electric guitar for an hour and he is happy again, its the greatest thing ever.
  • He has a great voice (See video, and if I don't post again its because Brad is yelling at me forever for posting it)
  • He sings all the time.
  • He is so low key, and drives a Honda Accord 1994, that has severe body damage, window has to be pulled up and always goes out of its place, A/C and heater have to be changed back and forth by getting under the hood, he has to also use pliers to change it in the car, it looks like someone either bled to death, or gave birth in the back seat, no radio or any music of any kind, muffler always has problems and is really loud, and he never complains about it, and he loves it all $1200.00 of it.
  • He ALWAYS wants to wear bball shorts even to weddings and nice events. 
  • He looks good in a baseball hat.
  • He is really smart, but pretends like it was just pure luck that got him his AMAZING gpa, and medical school entrance.
  • He is so excited for Baby M, and treats me like gold.
  • At church he always finds the soft chair really fast and puts it in place of the hard chair I was going to sit in. 
  • He sings songs about what I am doing...anyone who knows him knows what I am talking about, he is great at singing on the fly about what is going on, and usually its when I'm mad or upset and he keeps on singing till we are all peeing our pants. 
  • I would say most of all, the bond that has developed since this little baby has come into our lives has been the most precious thing of all, and I am forever grateful Bradley is my eternal companion. 3 years and forever in counting babes!

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