Sunday, July 22, 2012

Saying Goodbye...

We went to Standrod. The beauty of my home. Where I grew up. All 17 years before I ventured to Provo.
The days there were so gorgeous.

I couldn't get enough of the clouds.

This tree.....I climbed endlessly when I was little. Its like a sacred garden tree.

How does it get any better?

I am so grateful I have such a beautiful place to go home to, and just escape.

Brad always says there isn't enough to do there, but come on.....

We have already seen a few things, climb trees, shoot baskets, ride bikes, maybe hike, shoot birds....

Jump from the tree to the tramp.

Like so...

Oh my goodness. These clouds make me crazy.

I love all of the different views I could just get turning in a circle.

I would say the back of our house looks ridiculous... Like a compound. I don't even know how many bedrooms it has....12 or something 8 or something bathrooms. So it is a hotel.

Oh look! Riding horses too!

Tiera is my sister in law, and she is the greatest person. She is so easy going and she grew up on a dairy, she fits right in.

Brad on the other hand......

Fits in by force. But he is a good sport with all the farm talk, farm lingo, farm work, and country farm living.

WOW ETHAN!!!-Brad in the back.

I LOVE BRAD. I like taking pictures like this with just our heads, we have so many, sometimes we sit and try to remember where we were and what we were doing...all we know sometimes is that we were happy.

Chandler's bday party!

My sister Summer and I are 4 weeks apart. She is due in 3 weeks, me in 7 :)
33 weeks, and cant WAIT for Baby M.
Niece Jemma, cheezin it up!

Look Brad, you love the drums we can do this here as well!

And Dance!
This was so cute! Niece Jemma curtsied right when I took the pic, I loved it. Faith was singing or some type of acting going on. Faith kept saying, "Thank you," and Jemma would copy her. So stinkin cute!

Chandler's Bday, my mom's signature decorating is the random number combo to make your age. Baby one and huge 5. They didn't go together, but at my make due. Like I told Faith to go find some paper for practicing our letters. She opened a drawer, and my mom said, "Faith there is no paper in there! That's the snack drawer!" Faith then pulled out a nice notepad and said, "Mom I keep my paper in there!"

My dad, brother Landon, Aunt, and Grammy

As we got in the car to leave I just kept crying. I tried to stop and not think about it and just be positive. Being in Provo is 3 hours away, just a little car ride. My parents and family come down here all the time, and I see my family or a family member at least once a week. I cry because I'm scared. I'm scared I will miss everyone so much and won't be able to function. But it will be such a good change for Brad and I to focus on our little family, and grow our own family traditions, and to make new friends.

Let's be honest, all of my friends are Brad's friends from high school and their wives, and my family.....
I love them. Love them all. But we can venture out. We can do this. People think its so cool and its such a great opportunity, and I know it is, but....its scary, but I better be ready for it, because its coming Friday. Or we are Lubbock, Texas.

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